How to Be Single and Happy

Spring is right around the corner and with that, a lot of people get into relationships. Maybe it’s because the sun is finally coming out and everyone is overly happy with all the extra sunshine, but something about springtime equals new relationships. Now that’s cool for some, but for the majority of us who are still sitting on the sidelines trying to catch someone’s eye, it can be a drag.

But it doesn’t have to be. Not necessarily.

Now this isn’t the type of article that goes through a list of why being single rocks with items such as, “You can now get the cat you always wanted” or “now you and your girlfriends can watch those chick flicks you’ve been dying to see” because (surprise!) you can do those things when you are in a relationship too.

No, this article is more about embracing your single-ness in a more hopeful way.

Because while you are single now, that doesn’t mean you will be single forever. If you don’t believe me just look back at every high school teacher you had and remind yourself that they found someone, so if they can find someone then you definitely can too.

Now that you’ve figured that out, it takes a lot of the pressure off because then that means you don’t have to be in a relationship. If a guy likes you, you don’t have to like him back. That’s the beauty of being single. And in this day and age, with more and more people talking about feminism, women have been able to have a sort of independence that they weren’t able to have before. The pressure to have to find a significant other isn’t as great as it used to be, so now being single is not being lonely, but yet another way for women to show their independence. Yes, you want to be in a relationship, but you don’t need to be in a relationship. That fact is so important to understand as it gives women a new sort of power as they don’t need a man to be complete anymore.

Lots of female celebrities have spoken out on the subject but the first that comes to mind is Taylor Swift. Taylor “used-to-have-a-new-boyfriend-every-month” Swift is now speaking out and saying that she doesn’t need a man anymore to be happy. Does that mean she will be single forever? Not necessarily, but she understands that there is more to life than finding a boyfriend. Women can be just as complete without a boyfriend as with one.

So this spring, instead of being sad at the thought of being single, be proud! And know that you are complete just the way you are! The right guy will come around eventually, but until then, embrace your independence!