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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

During Halloween we all dressed as our favorite spooky characters, but now that the holiday is over, we need to talk . We’ve all participated in ghosting in one way or another whether it was encouraging a friend, leaving someone on read or straight up blocking people. 

Now we  completely understand not wanting to talk to someone if something dangerous happened;  however, in the event that they were completely normal, we need to stop ghosting. 

Here are 5 reasons ghosting has to go this year:


Everyone deserves to at least be told the truth.

Hey, we  get it, some people just aren’t for you and that is perfectly okay, but if that is the case, just tell them. The other person  could be thinking your chemistry was perfect and marriage is in the future. So, if you aren’t feeling that, just tell them instead of never responding.

You never know if someone could be a good partner or friend, give them a chance.

If you’re unsure about this person and think they could be good, give them a chance. Maybe go on some friend dates, get some coffee and see how you’re feeling.

You could run into them in public.

We’ve all been there. You’re just trying to grab a donut while you’re still in your Pj’s and standing in line is that random hook-up that you ghosted. Let’s avoid this awkward instance because every time you think it’s never going to happen, it always does.

You might need some cuddles in the near future.

Cuffing season is around the corner and you never know when you’re going to want a little cuddle and movie sesh this holiday season. Keep your options open.

You could need a date for a date party for formal.

Avoid having to make a last minute Tinder account exclusively for a formal date. Even if you’re not in a sorority or fraternity don’t miss an opportunity to get invited as a date. Use your resources.

There is no need to ghost your peers. Everyone deserves the respect to be told how you’re feeling and you never know they could end up being the one. Have you ever ghosted someone? Let us know in the comments below!

Lauryn Luescher

Cal Poly '22

Lauryn is a third year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, majoring in Journalism and concentrating in Public Relations and minoring in marketing and ethnic studies. She loves going to the beach, hammocking, writing and exploring San Luis Obispo. This year Lauryn is the Senior Editor for Her Campus Cal Poly and spends her free time writing and editing. Lauryn also works with New Student and Transition Programs at Cal Poly and loves orienting new students to college. After college, Lauryn hopes to work for a PR agency or do PR for a food company.