Getting Creative With Coconut Oil

If you haven’t heard of the latest trend by now, here’s your chance to get caught up. Coconut oil is the latest and greatest discovery to hit the scene and can be used for literally everything. There are about a million and one different things you can do with this versatile oil. Coconut oil is known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also contains antioxidants and more healthy fats and acids compared to other products. People use it for baking, cleaning and as a lotion. I often wonder where I should keep the jar: in the kitchen pantry or the medicine cabinet in my bathroom?

Coconut oil has become a key ingredient in a lot of foods and as an alternative to other ingredients. Basically, you can replace any oils needed with coconut oil. People have used it as a dairy-free replacement to butter and even a coffee creamer. Use it to grease the bottom of a pan or to cook up a nice stir-fry. Interested in making your own mayonnaise? Well, toss together a few other ingredients with a cup of coconut oil and voilà! I once read that Miranda Kerr puts a little bit into her green tea every morning and I mean… she’s a Victoria’s Secret model… so I think I’m going to take her advice on this one.

In terms of health and beauty, most people I know use coconut oil as a moisturizer. The plus side is that you can use it everywhere. You can use this stuff all over your body and on your face. Some people have said that using coconut oil in their breakout zones helped to clear up their acne. It even contains low levels of SPF so putting a layer on in the morning will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the day.

Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it can totally rejuvenate and restore your hair. Avoid packing too much at your roots because excess oil will make your hair… well, oily. Obviously. Instead, pinch a little on the end of your hair. The coconut oil will help defrizz your wild mane and repair split ends.

Another popular use for this product is as a makeup remover. At the end of the day, use a cotton ball and some coconut oil to wipe away your eye makeup in one, clean swoop.

Are your lips chapped? Just use coconut oil.

Oh, did you run out of shaving cream? No problem. You can use coco o instead.

Is that bug bite really itchy? Dab some c.o. on there and ditch the itch.

Now, if you’re really looking to try something new, you can explore the world of oil pulling. What you have to do is scoop up a spoonful of oil, rinse it around in your mouth for about fifteen minutes, and then spit it out. I know it sounds strange, and sort of gross, but it’s actually great. So great, in fact, that I’ve incorporated it into my daily morning routine. Honestly, the first few times were weird. But now, I’ve not only gotten used to it, I enjoy it. There are so many health benefits that come along with oil pulling. First, it whitens your teeth. I noticed a difference after about a week. Oil pulling can help fight against gingivitis, plaque buildup and tooth decay. It also gets rid of that nasty morning breath. Others have found that oil pulling has reduced their headaches and even lessened the severity of their asthma.

Like I said from the beginning, coconut oil can be used for pretty much anything. I’m kind of convinced this is the stuff that flows in the Fountain of Youth. So, why not give it a try? It may be what you and Ponce de León have been searching for all along.