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Gender Bending in the Fashion Industry and Why We’re Here For It

Fashion is one of the most creative forms of self-expression. But what about those who do not fall into the restrictive categories of either male or female? That’s where the gender neutral category comes into play. The term gender bending has become a popular term in today’s fashion world. In simple terms, it means to disrupt, blur, or redefine the traditional relationship between gender and fashion. Harry Styles’ cover on Vogue is the perfect example of this. The cover made headlines, seeming as if we are finally making a breakthrough in society when it comes to “norms.” Styles talked about how he loves to rebel against traditional gender stereotypes in fashion (while wearing his custom-made Gucci dress, of course).

Check out the famous photo that made the cover of Vogue here

Because of this, we’re finally starting to see brands break down the barriers of “women’s clothes” and “men’s clothes” and replace it with “unisex clothes.” A few brands that embody the term gender bending include Telfar, whose mantra is “it’s not for you, it’s for everyone,” OBlanc, a brand that embraces freedom and individuality, and One DNA, a NYC-based brand that creates gender barrier-breaking pieces and is offered in an abundance of sizes.

We love to see Harry Styles as the kickstart to this revolution in the fashion industry. Mister Styles, we see you and we love you.

Malia Sine is currently studying at California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo with a major in Communication Studies. Malia studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she attended Milan Fashion Week and gained valuable skills from her fashion marketing and accessory design classes. Her passion for writing about innovative artistic expression stems from her love of aesthetic composition and innate ability to join separate components together into a beautiful whole. As a creative, Malia enjoys designing handbags, upcycling clothes, and creating mood boards for inspiration. She aspires to become a leader at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry.
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