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Find Your First Day of Class Outfit, Based on Your Study Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

With a new school year about to start, school preparations are inching back into our minds. From notebooks to laptops to coffee giftcards, you know you need to look and feel on top of your game to make this year great. Obviously, that includes some outfits that are cool AF. Our usual stores just aren’t cutting it (we’ve seen the new fall collections, are we satisfied? We think not.) and shopping online is…daunting to say the least. HCCP has got the hookups though. Through the groves and masses of online clothing stores, Her Campus crossed paths with Boohoo.com, a womans- and menswear store that aims to keep you ahead of the trends, via their #BoohooOTheRoad mobile pop up tour. Perfect, exactly what we were looking for! We looked through their extensive, amazing, fabulous collection of dresses, tops, knitwear, coats, shoes and accessories to find the perfect outfit for your study style. Are you a straight A studier, a negative nancy, or a sunday crammer? Whichever one, Boohoo has the looks for you (and they are looking oh-so-good).

Straight A Student

You know your vocab, you know your equations, and you also know your gingham. You’re most likely a virgo or a capricorn, and you ALWAYS have your readings done. With the eye for detail, organization, and pristine note-taking, straight A students know exactly how to get school done. That’s why this high waisted gingham pant outfit is perfect for you; with an accent, patterned pant and a practical turtleneck bodysuit in a rich, deep navy, you’ll be ready to take on a full 8 hours of class, midterms, club meetings, and plenty of almost spilled coffees. Who needs to worry about outfits when you have to worry about becoming CEO? Not you, lady. We’ve got you covered. Find the pants here and the body suit here!

Sunday Study-er

After a weekend of parties, kickbacks, and snoozes on the beach, Sunday finally hits with a waves of panic and short sprints to the library. Spending Sundays in the library has become your religion and you are VERY pious with it. With coffee and granola bar in hand, you take Sundays in stride and have the course reserves down on LOCK. What better outfit to wear than a dark floral skort jumper? It’s the best of both worlds with shorts and a skirt AND 3/4 length sleeves built in one. Have your cake, and eat it too, Lady. You can’t go wrong with pairing it with a mustard yellow cardigan, booties or neutral flats. Go ahead, lay on the floor, sprawl out, take up space, and take on those textbooks. You got this. You can get it right here!

Fashion is First

Fashion is not a theoretical series of trends to you, no ma’am. It’s a lifestyle and it’s number one in your life. You’re the type of studier to look fab while aceing online exams and stand in line at Starbucks looking like you took hours to get ready (we know you have your routine down to 30 min and praise you for it). Perfect eyeliner, flawless shoes, and a YAS QUEEN attitude, you know what really matters in your life. Looking and feeling 100%. Your outfit? The perfect combo of high waisted jeans, graphic tee/body suit, and a bomber jacket. What better wait to pair prints than with an edgy graphic print with a dark floral? The contrast compliments the two perfectly, just like you compliment university life; an unlikely, but born-for-each other pair. Ugh, get it urban queen. Find them here, here, and here!

C’s Get Degrees

You’re a laid back, relaxed, and easygoing studier who believes 70% or higher is a success. You passed, right?? Slimming down that study time leaves extra time for you to live life, spend time treating yo-self, and stay up to date on the best tv shows, movies, music, and basically anything you’re particularly interested in. We like to call it being “well rounded.” That’s why this boho inspired printed dress is the perfect statement piece for you; flowy (like your personality), bright and colorful (like your soul), and simple to pair with (like your ability to get along with anyone). Who needs time fussing with accessories, pants and blouses when you can have this gem and some sick experiences a hanger away. Snag this chic dress here!

Negative Nancy

Self doubt is no stranger to grades, and you’re an A+ student when it comes to second guessing your answers. No matter how hard you studied, how many all nighters you’ve pulled, and how many practice exams you’ve taken, you’re convinced you failed until you see that perfect shining “A” on your school portal. You’re probably a poly-sci or a bio/chem major, and strive to take over the world in just a few years time (if only you get into grad school and snag that internship…) ; and we fully support you. While HCCP supports positive thinking and self confidence no matter what, we understand that you can’t keep up those efforts all the time. Let’s be real. Sometimes (or all the time) you just gotta vent. That’s why this jumpsuit/cardigan combo is perfect for you. You have enough on your plate to worry about (like our economy, the chemical makeup of melatonin, the Krebs Cycle), why add an outfit to that list? This neutral one piece makes early morning outfit decisions easy and the cardigan keeps things casual, fidget free, and comfy. All you could want while wringing your hands over that last quiz. Get the romper here and the cardigan here!

Interested in the Boohoo On The Road pop up tour? We are! You can see Boohoo touring around California in their interactive branded bus ready to stop, pop, and lock down your obsession with their selection of dresses, knitwear, coats, jeans, and more! Each stop they make, Boohoo will be offering exclusive promos, a chance for students to win $1,000 dollars to shop at Boohoo.com, as well as tons of games to play while hanging out with friends. Seriously, it sounds like the best back to school kickback. With most of their items under $100 and free shipping for orders over $50, we’re sold. Keep an eye out for their tour bus, because who wouldn’t want a chance to win $1,000 for clothes?!

Dakota Greenwich is a Cal Poly 3rd year English Major, studying for her undergraduate and minors in linguistics and graphic communications. This is her 2nd year writing for Her Campus and in her spare time, she works at the Kennedy Library, studies, and blogs. She loves to discuss and research current social issues including women's rights and political issues. If you don't see her working at my campus library or studying, you can find her at her favorite coffee shop, Scout Coffee, reading a thriller novel.