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Falling into Fall Fashion: How to Style Layers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Fall—the time of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, leaves changing color and most importantly, fall fashion. But how do we stay nice and toasty without looking frumpy and drab? Easy: learn how to style those necessary layers. As colder weather (hopefully) soon approaches here in SLO, knowing some quick layering tips will get you through autumn and clear into winter.

First things first. Scarves! They are a girl’s best friend when adding a quick and easy style to any outfit. A scarf is the perfect fall accessory to put some style and color in your outfit while still being functional by keeping you warm! Here’s a secret tip. If you feel like you are wearing the same old black coat and boots everyday, try switching up your scarves and BAM, it looks like you are wearing a whole new outfit!

Cardigans, coats, and flannels, oh my! This also includes leather jackets, denim shirts and sweaters. With just a couple of these options, the possibilities for warm yet stylish layers are endless. Throw on your favorite black tee, that comfy broken-in plaid flannel and a leather jacket and you are good to go. Or maybe you want to survive the chilly rain. Grab a cute cardigan, your raincoat and one of those scarves we talked about earlier and you are all set to survive the extra chill that always accompanies those frigid rainy days.

Next autumn closet staple? Tights. Black tights are the perfect fall layering tool to still get use out of those summer dresses during the colder months. Throw on a pair of boots, a cardigan and a scarf and you’ve now got yourself a chic fall outfit.

Final tip? Hats and beanies. These are my dirty little secret for those days you just couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair, but still want to look like you put some effort in. A wool fedora or wide-brimmed hat will give you that Manhattan chic style to help spice up your wardrobe. Meanwhile, a beanie is perfect for those windy days when you want some warmth on your head. It will also give you an effortlessly cool, casual look.

With these style tips, you will be a pro at layering in no time! 

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Aja Frost

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Aja Frost is a college junior living in San Luis Obispo, California. She is equally addicted to good books and froyo, and considers the combo of the two the best since pb & b (peanut butter and banana.) Aja has been published on the Huffington Post, USA Today College, Newsweek, The Daily Muse, xoJane, and Bustle, among other publications. Follow her on Twitter: @ajavuu