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Honestly, you’ve probably already heard about Instagram’s newest influencer: @world_record_egg.

The now-famous user posted a picture of a single brown egg against a white background January 4, 2019. The picture was captioned:

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this ?”

The photo quickly gained popularity across social media, and began gathering millions of likes in a matter of days. By January 13, just 11 days after the inital post, the picture beat Kylie Jenner’s previous record of around 18.5 million likes. Presently, the infamous egg picture has over 51 million likes, decimating Kylie Jenner’s previous record.

Celebrities quickly began acknowledging the egg across social media. Ellen DeGeneres posted a picture to her Instagram page on January 15 of Kylie Jenner’s face photoshopped onto the egg. Ellen’s picture gained 4.5 million likes alone.

Singer Miley Cyrus also reference the egg picture in a post on Twitter. Regarding swirling pregnancy rumors surrounding her new marriage to longtime beau Liam Hemsworth, Miley posted a picture of herself with the egg with her lips and tongue photoshopped across her stomach. Alongside the photo, she tweeted:

“I’m not “ Egg-xpecting” but it’s “Egg-celent” to hear everyone is so “ Happy For Us” …. we’re happy for us too! “Egg-cited” for this next chapter in our lives…. Now , can everyone leave me alone and go back to staring at an egg.”

The egg is now a recognized Guiness World Record holder for the most-liked picture on Instagram, and has the coveted blue check mark everyone seems to want next to their profile name. Though news surrounding the egg has died down in the recent days, the Instagram account still appears to be active.  

In fact, the hype from the World Record Egg has spread to become a popular game available in app stores! The game is very similar to the formerly popular game Flappy Bird, which you may remember from a few years ago. 

On January 18 and January 22, respectively, the Instagram account @world_record_egg posted two pictures of an egg with cracks running down the egg, as if something is preparing to hatch out of the egg. 

Who knows what the Instagram account is up to now? It seems like we will soon find out what creature is hatching out of the egg. Whatever it may be, it has a big title to live up to!


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