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Drowning in Midterm Tears? BAND’s Your Lifesaver

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

To the half-crazed, caffeine-infused collegiette reading this on your midterm study break,

First of all, you’re not going to die. It only feels like it. Midterms can be rough and it’s hard to believe we’ve even been in school long enough to be taking them. Welcome to the quarter system, freshmen. But studying and keeping up with your busy schedule is going to be much less stressful once you figure out the secret: staying organized.

Projects and assignments don’t loom over your head if you know you’ve got reminders set for study times and due dates! The perfect way to do this, along with staying connected to study groups and any other organizations that need a little help, is incorporating BAND into your life.

BAND is an app designed for groups to stay connected and in control. It’s a group messaging app that makes sure no one misses an update. You can share calendars and polls to find out what meeting times work best for people and even share documents. So, that group meeting to do the study guide together that fell through, leaving you in the library alone? Just have everyone send their portion of the work through the BAND app and then chat with them if you have questions.

Aside from studying, we know you’re trying to keep your social life alive. Don’t miss out on going downtown with the gang just because you planned on studying that night, not when it’s so easy to get everyone on the same page with BAND. Invitations, both private and public, are easy to send through the app and RSVPs will keep you on track.

Now, we’re not saying to prioritize going out over studying. We all have to face that heartbreaking decision every once in a while. When you do, and you find yourself on your couch with a textbook instead of at a friend’s house with a drink, we don’t want you to be experience too much #FOMO. Get your not-so-crammed friends (or not-so-responsible friends) to send you pictures through BAND. Only people in the group will see them (we don’t need those on Facebook again… *untag untag untag*).

We at HC Cal Poly know how stressed you are (we’re all in this together, cue spontaneous “High School Musical” outburst), so let us help you by downloading BAND and join 30 million users who are making a system of the madness.

Check out this video for more details and happy studying, collegiettes!

Hannah is a sophomore at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. Besides writing, she loves running, Thai food and making ridiculously unaffordable collections on Wanelo. Hannah is obsessed with The Walking Dead, old Disney movies, Ed Sheeran and wasting time on Photoshop. She'd like to point out that she can't sing or dance, but will, because that's when it's the most fun, especially when the songs are from "Les Miserables." Follow her on Twitter @joslin_hannah and Instagram @hannahmichele8