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DIY Dorm Decor: Paper Rosettes

As college students, many of us have heard of the brand PB Teen.  While I have been a part-time customer over the years, there is one major dilemma I have with PB Teen and their catalogs: They make dorm rooms look extremely cool.  As much as I’d like to believe it, I don’t think there is one college that provides housing equivalent to the hip rooms found in a PB Teen catalog.

As most of you know, Cal Poly dorms look like the 99 percent of college housing that probably would not be printed in a magazine. While I absolutely cannot complain, the furniture and white-washed walls leave little to the imagination. Since there is no way to work around this, I am always on the quest to find new ways to make my room look as cozy as possible.

In this post, I am going to show you one of the projects I have used to decorate the white walls of my room. These little doodads are called paper rosettes.  Luckily, all you need to make them is scrapbook paper, scissors and tape!

You will need 3 sheets of scrapbook paper, of color(s) of your choosing. My paper was 12×12, but I cut it down to 8×12 for this project.

The first step is to accordion fold your pages. I folded mine so that they were about 1 inch wide.

Once you are done, they should look a little something like this:

Next you will take each of the three papers and fold them in half. I used the handles of scissors to press down on the fold in order to crease it well.

After you have folded all three sheets of paper, you will connect them together. First you will need to tape together the ends on the inside of each folded paper.  Then you will tape the outer ends of the papers to each other until you form a complete circle.

Once done taping, you are finished! Make a couple more of these and they will be the perfect decoration to spruce up those white dorm room walls.

Hello there! My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore Business major at Cal Poly. I am from a small beach town in sunny Southern California. Technically I am an introvert, but I absolutely love people. My favorite things in the world are the sound of waves, the scent of pine trees, and Grumpy Cat. I am very quirky, a big daydreamer, and I will probably bake you cookies if you ask.
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