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Cute, Pretty, Sharp Shooter Nicole Lim

Nicole Lim seems like a cute, pretty, little, innocent girl. You wouldn’t ever guess she’s held a gun before…and can shoot it with ease.

Name: Nicole Alexandria Lim

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major: Political Science

HC: So tell me, why political science?

I picked Political Science because I already had experience with political processes while working for City Hall as a Youth Commissioner for the City of San Jose, and it was something that I thought I could make a career out of.  (ie. foreign service, law, etc.)

HC: Wow, so you have a lot of experience! Do you have any specific area of concentration?

Right now, my concentration is in Global Politics, so hopefully I can get an opportunity to work in international relations or in law. 

HC: Super cool. Have you had any opportunities in college to work in that field?

Right now, I have been working at a law firm for the past two years as a legal clerk and am a part of the Political Science club and the Undergraduate Law Association.

HC: So besides excelling in your concentration and major, what else do you do on campus?

I am also a board member for the Chinese Students’ Association. My position is the treasurer, which is actually a huge responsibility and most don’t really know what it entails until you actually do it. I deal with ASI and reimbursements and budgets for CSA’s certain events such as Chinese New Year Banquet or Winter Formal.

HC: Oh wow! Such a cool position, but a lot of responsibility. Anything else you do?

I am part of CSA, KASA (Korean Student Association), several dance clubs as well as CSA’s dance group Take Out Kidz, and the Cal Poly Marksmanship Club.

HC: Marksmanship Club?! Tell us more! What got you interested in that?

I started getting into marksmanship when my dad taught me how to shoot when I was younger

HC: …And I only played with crayons when I was little. That’s so cool! What’s your favourite part of Markenship Club?

My favorite thing about Marksmanship is probably the people.  No matter what level or ability, the people are very supportive and passionate about something that we all like.  It’s a community of people who all share a common interest and want to become better at marksmanship. I hope to compete in upcoming competitions next quarter!

HC: Sounds awesome! And lastly, what is your favourite place in SLO?

My favorite place in SLO is probably Irish Hills.  It’s really pretty and sort of unexpected in SLO.

Cathie Deane is third year History major seeking internships at museums, slowly wanting to work her way up the big leagues in Washington D.C. in the Smithsonian museums. She is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta,  as well as various clubs such as Chinese Student Association, Korean American Student Association, and Pilipino Cultural Exchange.She loves eating pizza, going on Pinterest, listening to music on Spotify, working out and being outdoors, spending time with Christ, and hanging out with friends!Follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter: @cathiecdeane
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