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Chrissy Teigen Live-tweeted an 8-Hour Flight to Nowhere & It’s Everything

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend were four hours into their trip to Tokyo on December 26 when the plane turned around due to an administrative mix-up, reports Cosmopolitan. Um, what?

Turns out the turnaround was all because of two brothers with similar names, according to CNN. The brothers were both going to Tokyo but had tickets for different flights with different airlines. Yes, you read that right. Both brothers had the same destination, but the plane still turned around halfway through the flight.

In the midst of the chaos, Teigen decided to live-tweet the ordeal. Teigen is well-known for her golden tweets but I still wasn’t ready for the greatness that ensued. The tweets began with the question most would have asked: why was the plane turning around for one person? Especially since they were all going to Tokyo anyway? Huh?

Teigen then threw some hilarious shade at the ticket kiosk.

Before Teigen and her hubby were allowed off the plane, they had to sit through some weird police interviews.

And were then moved to a room with Bravo and… ramen? 

Teigen even reported a little on her Snapchat, though the video cuts off. Super suss, as Teigen states.

We may never know why the two brothers were able to get on the same flight in the first place, but with this Twitter blessing from Teigen, I’m ready to see what else she’ll tweet about in the new year.

Andrea is a Communications Studies major at Cal Poly SLO. She likes to spend the day chatting, reading, or exploring new places, and her favorite snack is a Caribbean Passion from Jamba Juice paired with fresh-popped popcorn. If you see her on campus, she'll most likely be daydreaming about traveling to far-away places or thinking about adopting another kitten.