Celebrating Mother's Day When You're Quarantining Away From Home

One side effect of this pandemic is losing any feeling of time passing. In other words, if you’re like me, you didn’t realize April ended, and Mother’s Day is still happening. For all of us quarantined away from home, this poses a special challenge to any traditional Mother’s Day plans. If you’re trying to properly social distance, you can’t just drive home and surprise your mom with a hug; this is going to be the year of waving from the window, mailing cards, and standing six feet away.

With most of us (and our moms) stuck at home, the date itself doesn’t really matter. The coronavirus means we can send gifts, call, and celebrate Mother’s Day all week long.

  1. 1. Flower Delivery

    flower vase bouquet

    After careful research, I’ve determined that florists are essential. Actually, that’s not necessarily true, but many flower delivery services are still taking online orders. If you’re like me and have a sibling that’s quarantining at home, you could also have them pick up flowers from the both of you to save on delivery costs.

    Another option is a fruit bouquet or some kind of edible arrangement. These are usually a little pricier, so it's a good gift to go in on it with siblings for anyone on a budget.

  2. 2. Zoom/Facetime

    If the coronavirus has your family split up for Mother’s Day, seeing each other on screen is one of the easiest solutions. We Zoom with our friends, our professors, and now it is the perfect chance to Zoom with our families. Most of us aren’t exactly busy now that classes are online and work is being done remotely, so why not spend some time calling our mom/mom figures?

  3. 3. Breakfast Delivery

    Hotel breakfast room service

    Depending on where you want to get food delivered to, most delivery services are still in operation. Many restaurants are also staying open, and they are only doing take-out and delivery orders. What better way to wake up your mom on Mother’s Day than with a stranger knocking on the door with her favorite takeout?

    For anyone in quarantine within driving distance of their mom, you can bring food and wish them a happy Mother’s Day — just remember to stay six feet away!

  4. 4. Send a Card

    A person holding a collection of colorful birthday candles

    Remember when we would make cards back in elementary school for Mother’s Day? Let’s bring that back. Whether you’re quarantining alone or with roommates, host a little card making workshop. Time to bust out the glitter, glue, construction paper and markers, and let's start crafting. Most craft stores such as Michael’s and Joann’s are open or available for order pick-ups, so getting supplies shouldn’t be a problem. 

    This doesn’t have to be a museum-worthy work of art by any means. As long as it’s original and creative, it’ll mean a lot to your mom.

  5. 5. Plan an Activity for a Later Time

    If you’re not already quarantined at home, going back for Mother’s Day might not be possible (or wise). Instead, make an itinerary to celebrate a postponed-Mother’s Day.  Plan a day out, like a brunch, a picnic, literally anything you can do with your mom once you’re able to see her again.

It doesn’t matter if cards don’t arrive on time or her favorite flowers get delivered late. It's the sentiment that counts. Even if coronavirus keeps you away from your mom this Mother’s Day, it's still possible to make her feel special.