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Calling All Olivia Rodrigo Fans: 10 Artists You’ll Love

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As a teenage girl that’s all about music I can blow my car stereos out to, Olivia Rodrigo is my go-to when I’m on aux. She has a crazy awesome stage presence and has managed to infiltrate just about every teenage girls Spotify, perfectly executing a blend of pop-indie-rock music. Lucky for Rodrigo fans, her fame has brought light to several other similar artists I’d like to introduce.

  1. Lizzy McAlpine!!!!!! 

Lizzy is and has been one of my favorite artists for years (not to sound like a gatekeeper or anything) and I think she deserves more recognition! She has the same sort of vibe as Olivia Rodrigo, with slightly more melancholy undertones. Her song lyrics are beautifully written, very heartfelt and relatable. Lizzy just recently released a new album, “Older”, that you should check out! 

  1. Sabrina Carpenter – obviously 

If you guys are like me, my entire Tik Tok feed is filled with videos of Sabrina Carpenter’s dirty outros on tour and Barry dancing in the front of her performances. She is a star! Her music is a little more well-known, but if you don’t listen to her, check out her music! My current favorite by her is “Already Over”.

  1. Chappell Roan 

Olivia’s opener on tour! Chappell is not only a great opener, but also a great solo performer, with music all over Tik Tok right now, as well. A few of her songs seem to be catered to the LGBTQ+ audience, giving you even more reason to listen if you are a part of that community or even if you’re just interested in listening to new artists.

  1. Beabadoobee

My FAVORITE. If you need a fun little bedroom-pop playlist, listen to her albums! She also has a new song coming out on May 9, prefacing her new album releasing before her tour. 

  1. Ariana Grande 

Despite the recent controversies about Ariana Grande, her most recent album, eternal sunshine, does remind me of Olivia Rodrigo’s vibe. My favorite song on the album is “don’t wanna break up again, especially since those lyrics really hit home for me. Give it a listen!

  1. Faye Webster

Faye is like an extremely tame version of Olivia. It’s less pop-like and a little more emotional, but she has incredible music and just released some songs with Lil Yachty! 

  1. Claire Rosinkrantz

Personally, I think that Claire is probably the most similar artist to Olivia Rodrigo in terms of their songs and style of music. If you’re looking for songs to blast in the car on your way to the beach, or to listen to while you jump on your bed and fulfill that teenage movie scene vision, Claire is the way to go. Her old music and her new releases ALL hit just like Olivia’s do. 

  1. Reneé Rapp 

The up-and-coming star who was just featured on SNL! Her song, “Tummy Hurts”, has been all over my “for-you” page on Tik Tok since it was released. Her and Olivia’s music have the same teenage girl angst written all over them. 

  1. Kacey Musgraves 

This might be a semi-controversial take because she sings an entirely different genre, but it makes sense in my head. Kacey sings country music but has collaborated with artists like Noah Kahan, who has also sung with Olivia! Even if you are a country hater, I think her music is worth a listen. You may change your mind…

  1. Beach Bunny 

These songs were my ANTHEMS during high school. I have never heard music so perfect for screaming at the top of your lungs, and even though the lyrics are a little dark, the beat is HYPE. They fall in perfectly with all of Olivia’s more upbeat tunes. 

While you’re here, I also want to give some shameless promotion to my roommate, Olivia Nieporte. She has a very similar vibe to Olivia Rodrigo as well (that’s why they have the same name) and has just released her first song, “Raincoatthat you should listen to! Stay tuned for more soon…

I heavily encourage you to check out all of the above artists, Rodrigo fan or not! They all seem to fall into a similar category, or at least in my mind, so go create a new little playlist for yourself. These artists could end up being your spring quarter favorites!

Camden Winton

Cal Poly '26

Camden is a second-year English major at Cal Poly SLO also working as part of the editorial staff for Her Campus Cal Poly. She loves to read and write (especially on the beach) in her free time. She loves going on coffee dates and thrifting with friends.