Bike Night: Wonderful Chaos You Need to Experience

Every first Thursday of the month, hundreds of San Luis Obispo residents don their costumes, drape their bikes in lights, attach their speakers and get ready for the best night of the month: Bike Night. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. But hopefully by the end of this article, you too will want to join the masses to indulge in the pure joy that comes from yelling “BIKE NIGHT” as you fly down the streets of SLO. Here's why Bike Night is the best night of the month.


1. You can go with one other friend or a whole squad and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Why? You will be part of a huge community of randomness. A hive of people having a good time. Everyone is welcome.





2. Bike night has the best people watching! Get ready to watch double decker bikes somehow manage to not crash, a couple brave men in speedos, some college kids slapping a wine bag and countless wonderfully bizarre outfits.



3. There is nothing better than singing “Country Roads” on the top of your lungs along with fifty other people while waiting in the parking lot.




4. Nothing feels more powerful than completely taking over the downtown streets and feeling the wind whip through your hair. 




5. Lastly, Bike Night is a tradition that has been going on for years and it’s our duty to keep the funky times going. Bike Night is an integral part of SLO culture and everyone should experience it once. It's one of the few times that college kids are side by side with locals.


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