Covid Friendly Picnic Spots in SLO

Best COVID Friendly Picnic Spots in SLO

There are many things that we have learned throughout the duration of this pandemic, but one of the most important is how essential it is to get outside. Being active and spending time in nature is not only beneficial to your physical health, but your mental and emotional well-being as well. This is especially relevant during times of isolation and why it is so important to find safe activities to do outside. 

Picnics can be a great activity to enjoy safely with your inner circle, and San Luis Obispo has some of the best spots to do this.

  1. 1. Terrace Hill 

    This location is almost a hidden gem of SLO, which makes it great for COVID friendly picnics because it is never crowded. The entrance is located on Bishop Street. Once you walk up the short incline, there is a large flat open area that is great for socially distanced picnics. There is plenty of room to spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy a meal with a couple friends. Terrace Hill also has a great view of SLO and is perfect for sunset watching.

    Terrace Hill in SLO
  2. 2. Prefumo Canyon 

    This one is more of a drive, but totally worth it. With the perfect playlist, the drive itself is really enjoyable. After the three-mile drive to the top, you’re welcomed by beautiful views and big fields; perfect for a picnic. The whole canyon is pretty accessible, providing plenty of room to enjoy your picnic at a safe distance from others. If you stay late enough, it’s a perfect spot for stargazing too.

    Prefumo Canyon in SLO
  3. 3. Cuesta Ridge 

    This spot is also an adventurous drive, but a personal favorite for car picnics. Car picnics can be a super fun way to safely enjoy good food with close friends. This spot is really unique because once you get to the top, it puts you above the clouds, making for an amazing view. This spot is not always open however, so be sure to check online before you make the drive.

    Cuesta Ridge in SLO.
  4. 4. Architecture Graveyard 

    Architecture Graveyard is a go-to spot on Cal Poly’s campus and has plenty of space to set up a COVID friendly picnic. This is a great place to go for anyone living on campus and is easily accessible because it doesn’t require a car. It also has plenty of fun hikes nearby, and it's great for hammocking.

    Architecture Graveyard in SLO
  5. 5. Shell Beach

    Shell Beach is located in Pismo and just a short drive from SLO. It’s one of the best beaches nearby for picnics. The best spot for a picnic at Shell Beach is at the grassy area just above the beach on Shell Beach Drive and the beach is accessed via stairs. It’s perfect to lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy a nice meal with great weather. It’s also always nice to venture out of SLO for a little, and Pismo is one of the cutest towns to adventure in, not to mention you can enjoy a nice day at the beach along with your picnic.

    Shell Beach in Pismo.

It's important to remember to take care of yourself and your well-being during these difficult times. It can be hard as a college student to balance the need to be safe while still spedning time with people close to you, but doing activities outside, like picnic, are a great way to achieve both.