Autumn in Avila with Our HC Survival Kits

In the midst of chaos of what seemed like hundreds of families and couples roving to grab the best pumpkin they could find, a sea of mustard yellows, deep burgundies, warm browns, and burnt oranges among tousled hair, felt hats and cowboy boots emerged.

Her Campus Cal Poly brought autumn to the Avila Valley Farm, where summer still resided in a sweltering 87 degree weather.

The dirt paved pathways wound around pony pens, goat gardens, chicken coops and so much more, and the sound of southern folk music meandered in and out of range.


How else could these women enjoy this rustic ambiance but lounge among the gorgeous pumpkins and read about the newest best sellers, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and Another Day by David Levithan!


With apple cider in hand and book in the other, the ladies of Her Campus Cal Poly bathed in the speckled sunlight reaching through a row of trees.

When hair falls flat, these ladies never falter, their Tresemme sea salt spray kept their hair in gorgeous round waves, perfectly messy for a warm October afternoon.




When nature comes against their will and the cyclical beauty of gynic is upon them, they neither fear nor shy away from it! These women embrace the seasons of their bodies with grace and composure, surviving with the one and only Divacup. What else would these Divas use?

A light breeze blew across the rows of sunflowers and hay, reached across the crate overflowing with pumpkins of every color and kind and moved their flags in lackadaisical waves, their pride and love emblemed for all to see.

Pumpkins, pies, fresh honey, cookies, and caramels, all golden in tone, drew these ladies in by their seasonal harvest, and likewise, these ladies drew autumn as if the Vermont landscapes of vibrant leaves and frosted paths were right in their midst. All this exploring gives way to some appetite, no? Where else to go but Chipotle with their BOGO cards (embodying positivity and beauty can be a hard task, we must refuel somehow!)


The ladies of Her Campus Cal Poly couldn’t have made such a statement, or brought this milieu of seasonal spice, let alone survive this glorious, but warm festive season without the HC and sponsors survival kit; they know us ladies must stick together. From eyeliner and cold and flu medicine samples to a beautiful purse, we definitely have at least ONE thing to be thankful for this season!