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Anthropologie Inspired Mugs: A DIY Project

I absolutely love coffee.  I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise, as it’s not the healthiest thing out there, but I know my heart will always belong to this wonderful drink.  As an avid coffee drinker I have my fair share of mugs.  My collection includes cups rom Starbucks, ones that I’ve made myself and others that my friends and family have gifted to me.  They’re all charming, but the most beautiful ones by far are from Anthropologie.

Now as you may probably have inferred from my position as a DIY columnist, I really like making things.  Why go out and buy something when you can make it for half the price?  It was for this reason that I decided to create an Anthropologie-esque mug.  Even though theirs are decently priced (why are their t-shirts are $75 but their coffee mugs are $8?), I still love the challenge of recreating something cool for much cheaper.

The materials for this project could not be simpler or easier to find: an inexpensive mug and permanent markers. I got mine at Target for $4, but The Dollar Store also has great options. If you don’t have any permanent markers, borrow some from your friends or pick up a pack at Beverly’s.

Once you’ve scrounged up your supplies, head over to Anthropologie’s website and search for some inspiration.  I combined the patterns of this mug and this mug for my hand drawn cup.  Don’t feel intimidated if you aren’t the most artistic person in the world.  Just start doodling! Any “mistakes” you make will look sweet and intentional. Plus, it’s It going to be your mug anyways, so who cares if it isn’t perfect? However, if you really want to erase something, try using a Clorox wipe on the marker.

When you’re finished designing throw your mug in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.  If you’re not in hurry, leave your cup out for a day in between drawing and baking — this will help the design stay on longer.

That’s all, folks! Hope you had a fun time making your own Anthropologie-inspired mug.  Now go make yourself a delicious cup of coffee and show off your newest art project to your roommates.

Hello there! My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore Business major at Cal Poly. I am from a small beach town in sunny Southern California. Technically I am an introvert, but I absolutely love people. My favorite things in the world are the sound of waves, the scent of pine trees, and Grumpy Cat. I am very quirky, a big daydreamer, and I will probably bake you cookies if you ask.
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