Amazon Must Haves for College Students

College students everywhere use Amazon all the time.  Here are some of my favorite items from Amazon that have helped me throughout college.


1. Desk Organizer: This desk organizer set is great for college students to organize their desk items such as pencils, pens, note cards and paper clips. It comes in a pack of three and has very high reviews as well as being cost-effective at $16.49. These desk essentials are super handy for college kids because you can store so much in them and they look cute!


  2. Oil diffuser: This one has personally helped me a lot with anxiety.  A natural oil diffuser disperses oils into the air that relaxes you and can even help with anxiety.  As a stressed college student, I love having an oil diffuser, as it helps calm my mind and ease me when I’m stressed with day-to-day life and college-related stress. You can buy many different scents for the diffuser, my personal favorite is lavender.


3. Slippers: Slippers are an absolute must for when it is cold outside, and you are spending a lot of time in your home or apartment.  No one wants to walk around their floors with cold feet. Pairing these with a matching robe is my favorite winter essential look. The slippers I wear come in many different shades and are truly the softest things you will ever put your feet in!


4. Shower caddy: Organise your shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a cute and stylish way! A cute shower caddy can spice up your shower or tub and is a great way to stay organized. The one that I have been using since my freshman year is high quality and comes with room for many bottles and even a clip-in piece for a razor. This one is only $20.99 and easily can be hung on any wall.


5. Noise-cancelling headphones: This must-have is definitely a little more expensive but has saved me in college. Having headphones that cancel out the noise around you is essential for studying and for working. The ones I have linked are a bit expensive, but I love these and have had no issues. You can also find more cost-effective ones.