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9 Things Only Romantics Will Understand About College Dating

Being a romantic in college definitely has its pros and cons. Here is a list of nine things that you may relate to if you’re in your early 20s and head over heels in a journey to find true love. 

1. Although you totally support your friends and their fun hook-up adventures, you don’t have very much to add to the conversation except, “so do you like like them?”  

2.  It’s a perfect love story. You meet someone cute, say hello, they respond with, “yo.” It’s basically a Nicolas Sparks movie in your mind. 


3. You’re most likely way too invested in Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s love story. Don’t forget about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth too, same idea. 

4. What IS Netflix and chill? 

5. Once you get swept up, you have to really watch yourself and your educational responsibilities because it makes you SO distracted. 

6. Cheesy quotes on your walls are definitely your go-to decor. 

7. When you go to a super sweaty party on Saturday night, there’s still somehow a small part of you that thinks you might meet “the one.”

8. Following that, you believe in “the one,” which means that more than often, your expectations are set way too high and you’re left disappointed. 

9. On the bright side, it makes you a wonderful gift giver and cuddler! 

Maybe you’ll reign in the feels, maybe you won’t. You’re just trying to live your best life, and tbh, us too.

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