9 Reasons NOT to Get a Bae this Holiday Season

As the weather gets colder, cuffing season begins and people who typically prefer to be single, suddenly find the need to be in a relationship. Having someone to cuddle with and show off to your friends and family is nice, but investing time in someone you’ll probably break up with before February isn’t worth it. Even though you may feel the need to start a new relationship as the winter months draw closer, we think there are some things to consider before jumping into a new relationship this holiday season.

1. It's time to focus on you

The holiday season is time to focus on yourself and having a SO during this time, especially a new relationship, can cause stress when this is your time to relax and recharge.

2. The awkward family conversation

So do you spend the holidays with their family or yours? How do you tell someone you don’t want to miss out on your family’s traditions to spend time with their family when you’ll probably be done with him before February. 

3. Introductions… friend or boyfriend?

Hi mom, this is my.. uhh… Since it’s around the holidays, there's a higher chance you’ll have to introducing your new SO to your family, even though it's a new relationship.

4. To give a gift… or not?

When you just start dating someone, you’re probably not going to want to drop a lot of cash on a gift. But if they buy you one, things get awkward real fast.

5. Meeting all their friends 

So, you just wanted someone to cuddle and watch Christmas movies with, but now they want you to meet all  their friends even though you're not in the mood to socialize and you'll probably never talk to their friends again anyway.

6. Now’s your chance to enjoy all the holiday foods without guilt

You can feel free to have that second serving of stuffing or one too many Christmas cookies without worrying your SO won’t like your little holiday belly.

7. You can sit around in your comfy pajamas 

Some days you just want to lay on your couch and binge that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch since July. Without a SO, you can stay in your comfy Pjs and eat ice cream without being shamed into getting dressed up and going to their lame office party.

8. The thrill of kissing a stranger on New Years 

If you’re not dating anyone, New Years can be a night of mystery and excitement. Who knows maybe you’ll kiss the cutie in the corner, you’re not tied down, the world is yours.

9. You can start the new year as a strong, independent woman 

2018 is your year and sure you said that last year, but starting your year out as an independent woman will allow you to set new goals and achieve them.

 As the holidays roll around, hopefully you’ll consider these points before starting a new relationship.