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9 Cheap DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Does Valentine’s Day have you sweating thinking about how much you’ll have to spend to get a gift for your lover? Instead, keep your wallet full this year and make a DIY Valentine’s gift filled with love for your loved ones! Here are nine DIY’s that won’t break your bank:

1. Sharpie Mug

Let’s start off with the classic sharpie mug. This gift is a great option for both lovers and platonic Valentine’s dates and you can be as creative (or uncreative) as you want. All you need are sharpies, a plain mug and an oven to make this artistic gift.

Click here to see a tutorial with pictures!

2. Memory Jar

This project will take time but will be well worth the effort. Starting Valentine’s Day, write down any memories or moments that you want to remember forever and put them in a jar. Once the next Valentine’s Day rolls around, wrap it up with a nice bow and give it to your significant other. Together, you can pick out each memory and relish in the fortune of a great year.

3. Scratchers

If your date loves to buy scratchers when you go to the grocery store, this present will definitely catch their eye. You can buy scratch off labels on amazon or make your own by using one of the following methods:

With Contact Paper, Dish Soap, And Paint

With White Crayons and Paint 

4. Ticket Stub Frame

Playing off the memory jar idea, turn an old frame into a case for the stubs of tickets leftover from adventures you’ve gone on with your loved one. Apart from being an artsy way to display those stubs you collect and never want to throw away, you’ll be able to look back on all the movies and events you’ve gone to with your loved one. Simply put a nice background on the back of the frame and fill with stubs!

5. Punny Gifts

Arguably one of the easiest gifts you can make is a punny gift! Just grab an item that you can make a pun out of and decorate it with a sweet Valentine’s card that you’ve written your pun in. Here are some ideas to get you started:

S’mores Kit – “There’s no one I love s’more than you”

Cutie Tangerines – “You’re such a cutie!”

A six pack of beer – “I can’t beer to live without you”

6. Baked Goods

Baking doesn’t have to be expensive and Pinterest is filled to the brim with super easy and fun recipes like this Oreo Truffle recipe, this White Chocolate Popcorn recipe, or this healthy frozen yogurt strawberry recipe.

7. Message Egg

Message eggs are surprising and delightful to receive. All you need is an egg, a needle and some paint to make this DIY. Paint hearts or cover it in glitter and then insert a love note or a surprise date inside for your Valentine’s date to find when they crack it open.

This tutorial is for Easter eggs but can totally be revamped for a Valentine’s Day egg. 

8. “Open When” Letters

Each letter is catered to a different scenario in which your partner can open the letter. These are great for long-distance relationships but are also fun when your schedules are really busy. Although not a replacement for your lover’s actual words, they’re wonderful to open while waiting for your partner to be available and can be made for any occasion that you wish.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Open when you need support

Open when you feel sad

Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

Open when you’re celebrating something

Open when it’s your birthday

Open when you don’t know what to make for dinner

Open when you need motivation.

9. Leather Keychain

This is such an adorable DIY and you can make it for absolutely anyone. Engrave something meaningful like your anniversary date or a cute pet name to make it even more special. Supplies for this project include leather scraps, scissors and hot glue.

Check out the tutorial here!

Don’t let Valentine’s Day intimidate you; make something your date will love and save your money for another day.

Andrea is a Communications Studies major at Cal Poly SLO. She likes to spend the day chatting, reading, or exploring new places, and her favorite snack is a Caribbean Passion from Jamba Juice paired with fresh-popped popcorn. If you see her on campus, she'll most likely be daydreaming about traveling to far-away places or thinking about adopting another kitten.
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