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8 Things You Did During Freshman Year That Sound Crazy Now

Remember your first few weeks on campus? It only took you a year or two to get the hang of college. Now that you know what to do, let’s take a look at some of the crazy things freshman-you thought was normal, shall we?

1. The anxiety and excitement you got from skipping a class

Then: Should I do it??? What if I miss something important??

Now: Would you look at that, already late. Might as well not go.


2. Putting in effort to go to class

Then: *Wakes up an hour and a half early to shower and do makeup*

Now: *Takes off pajama sweats to put on school sweats*

3. Spending way too much money on unnecessary textbooks

Then: Mom, Dad, I need $750 for textbooks ASAP! Classes start tomorrow!

Now: *Textbook recommended* That’s gonna be a no from me.

4. Feeling grown-up and cool when you drank coffee 

Then: My second caramel chocolate swirl whipped cream mocha of the day! I’m addicted!

Now: Must down four espresso shots and two black coffees to avoid painful headache.

5. Taking notes in class like you’re life depended on it

Then: The professor said we don’t have to write this down, but Imma do it anyway.

Now: I’ll pretend to listen but really I’m going to contemplate my entire life.

6. Putting in effort to go out

Then: Guys, help – should I straighten or curl tonight? Is my winged eyeliner even?

Now: Haven’t showered in three days, but here we go.

7. Trying to eat healthy despite having a meal plan

Then: I’ll get a salad from Red Radish and some fruit from The Ave. Solid.

Now: Don’t really feel like driving to the store… *eats cereal for third meal of the day*

8. Saying no to plans because you had to study.

Then: That sounds fun, but my test is two weeks away. I should really study.

Now: Midterm tomorrow, but let’s rage.

Ahh, the nostalgia of freshman year. Good thing you grew out of those habits, right?

Gabby is a fourth-year Marketing and Statistics student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She's currently the Marketing & PR Director for HCCP, as well as a writer and editor. Her passions include consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee, idealizing her life on Pinterest, and all things breakfast-related.
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