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8 Signs You’re In a Relationship With Coffee

Is there anything better than a rich cup of coffee? Probably not, honestly. If coffee is the number one in your life, you might just be ~in a relationship~ with it – which is the best kind of relationship TBH. Here’s how you can tell: 

1. It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning

You open your eyes and immediately think of the delicious cup of coffee you’re about to enjoy. Every single time.

2. It’s almost always on your Snapchat story

Because how can you not document your love for this amazing beverage?!

3. No matter what it looks like, you love it all the same

Iced coffees, warm lattes, americanos – you’re all perfect to me.

4. You’re almost always with each other

In the morning: coffee. After class: coffee. Hanging out with your friend: “Wanna get coffee??”

5. On a bad day, it’s always there to pick you up

Coffee just makes everything better, ok?

6. Whenever you try to take a break, you always come back together

Those times when you think maybe you should give your caffeine addiction a rest, but then you realize that’s crazy talk.

7. You’re always excited to introduce it to other people

“This right here is the best latte I’ve ever had. It’s from that new place downtown, and no you can’t have a sip.”

8. You know you’ll be together for the rest of your life

Why deny it, you just can’t fake feelings like this.

Time to make it Facebook official? We won’t judge.

Gabby is a fourth-year Marketing and Statistics student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She's currently the Marketing & PR Director for HCCP, as well as a writer and editor. Her passions include consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee, idealizing her life on Pinterest, and all things breakfast-related.
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