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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

It can either be nerve wracking or exciting when your parents finally come to town. You’re probably thrilled to get some real food and hugs from your mom and dad, but you might be stressing about cleaning your apartment or dorm room and thinking, “Where can I take my parents to show them how awesome this place is?” SLO is such a cool town and, to make this easy for you, here’s a handy list of the best places to bring your parents when they visit. Expect some “ooh’s and ahh’s” because these places are ah-mazing!

1. Pirate’s cove

Pirate’s Cove is by far one of the most amazing sights to see in SLO. I remember thinking this place couldn’t’ be real the first time I visited. The lookout from the cove is the one of the most stunning views on this planet. The swirling water below and the endless sky leaves your jaw on the floor, this is a definitely a must.

2. Bishop Peak

Take your parents to hike Bishop and get another gorgeous view! The beauty of this trail is astonishing, and the hike isn’t too difficult so you and your parents could definitely make it to the top. Try a nice sunrise hike to get a great start to your day.

3. Farmer’s 

Hopefully your parents will be here on a Thursday night so you get to bring them to Farmer’s. There are so many food options, fresh produce and live entertainment so there definitely won’t be a dull moment. Plus, you’ll have mom and dad cover the bill for the night and get to feast on whatever food you want. I’m sure they’ll love walking down Higuera St. and feeling the vibes of Downtown SLO.

4. Montana De Oro

Once again, here’s another incredible part of nature that just so happens to be near SLO. How did we get so lucky to be so close to all of these beautiful places? Montana De Oro is the perfect spot to relax on the beach after a gorgeous hike through the Bluff Trail. There are endless opportunities for photos here, so tell your parents to bring their cameras.

5. The P

Here’s another great hike if you’re not feeling like taking a long one. The hike to the P is really incredible, and you can stay right on campus. You might even be able to squeeze this hike in between classes. You also get to show your parents Cal Poly from a perspective they’ve never seen before.

6. Hearst Castle

Honestly, this place is so cool. If you have the time, definitely take the drive up to Hearst Castle and take a tour. Get ready to be amazed when you see this place because the rooms and pools are truly magnificent. What is especially cool about this place is the story of how it was built. You and your parents will get a little history lesson and can daydream about what is must’ve been like to actually live there.

7. Morro Bay

Morro bay is my personal favorite little beach town. There are countless things to do in Morro. The beach and the bay of course, kayaking and paddle boarding, the farmer’s market on Thursday and Saturday, classic beach shops, thrift stores, great restaurants and so much more. Morro is a funky little town that your parents will totally love.

8. Your Favorite Hangout or Study Spot

This isn’t really a hot spot in SLO, but it’s important to show your parents where you spend most of your time. It could be studying at Black Horse or Scout, chilling on Dexter between classes or your special spot in the library. Wherever it may be, I’m sure they want to see where their kid always is so they can picture you there when you don’t text them back and they miss you like crazy.

Of course there are more places in SLO that are awesome but these are just a few favorites to take your parents to when you’re not busy trying to get them to buy you all the stuff you need at Target or Trader Joe’s.