7 Ways to Take Control of Your Sexual Health as a Female College Student

In order to maintain good sexual health, you must approach your sexuality and intimate relationships in a positive and respectful manner. Making sure that both you and your partner give consent before participating in any sexual acts is necessary for any sexual encounter. Additionally, knowing your boundaries and making those clear to your partner is equally important. However, before you begin participating in these acts, you want to make sure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared. 

Below are a few things you may want to consider when thinking of improving your sexual health:  

1. Birth Control. Birth Control. Birth Control

There are soooo many types of birth control out there today. There’s the pill, IUD’s, the shot, the implant, spermicide, etc. This is the safest and most surefire way to prevent pregnancy (other than not having sex in general, but we aren’t tryna do that). Condom breaks? All good, you have your backup. Tryna go condom free? Yep, you’re 99 percent covered. Not only does birth control help prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening, it also helps with acne and cramps (among other things). Ask your doctor about what birth control is right for you!! Your options are by no means limited.

2. Check Yo Self

The best way to be sure you are clean is by getting yourself checked at a clinic. Did you just have unprotected sex with a frat boy? Maybe you should get yourself checked. Even if you don’t have a specific reason for needing to get checked, you can never be too careful. Screenings will give you peace of mind, and are quick and painless. Check out planned parenthood, your OB/GYN, or your campus health clinic for information about getting a screening.

3. Keep your own personal stash of condoms

Don’t rely on the guy to have condoms on hand (though he should). Don’t let him use the excuse that he doesn’t have a condom as justification to having unprotected sex if you’re not comfortable with it. News flash: pulling out doesn’t work (*cough cough* Kylie J.).

4. Ask your partner about STI’s BEFORE hooking up with them

This scenario happens way too often for way too many people: they’re in the moment, hooking up, and in the back of the minds they're thinking of asking their partner about their sexual history but may be worried that asking will ruin the mood so they don’t, wait until after they’ve had sex, THEN ask about body count, STI’s, and all that. What good does it do to ask about STI’s AFTER the fact? If it concerns you, ask before-hand, that way you will feel less stressed during/afterwards. Don’t be afraid to speak up and get the facts. If you’re allowing someone to share your body with them, you deserve the answers, don’t let them avoid the question.

5. Get Vaccinated

Hopefully you got your rounds of the HPV Vaccine when you were in high school. If you didn’t, now’s the time. The more preventative measures you take regarding STI’s the better, because those bad boys last for a while if not a lifetime.

6. Pay a visit to college counseling services

If you have any concerns about your sex life or need someone to talk to about your sexual health, know that there are resources available through your on-campus counseling services to help you out. Whether its regarding sex or your personal relationships, counselors can help guide you to making decisions that are best for you.

7. Choose the right partners

Only choose partners who make you feel safe and comfortable in and out of the bedroom. Find people who respect your boundaries and your choices regarding safe sex practices. Communicate with them what your expectations are for them and make sure you are on the same page before things go any further.

By doing the things listed above you will feel less anxious when it comes to pregnancy or STI scares since you know you've taken the necessary steps to prevent these things from happening. Knowing your body and playing an active roll in your health is essential to a happy mind, body, and soul. Now that you have the tools to maintain good sexual health, go out and enjoy your stress-free sex.