7 Reactions to Harry Styles' New Single "Lights Up"

Harry Styles just debuted his first single, "Lights Up," after a little over two years since his first studio album was released. And we are LIVING for it. So, here are seven reactions we had to Harry's new music video.




  1. 1. If you haven't seen the video, don't read any further until you watch it

    No, seriously, watch the video.

  2. 2. He is literally THRIVING and no one can stop him

    Hit outfit is 10/10. But his confidence is what really shines in this music video. We stan a man who is secure with himself.

  3. 3. He released a new single on World Mental Health Day

    Not only has he been a big proponent of mental health espeically in the LGBTQIA+ community, his Treat People With Kindness campaign is spreading all over and  we are here for it!

  4. 4. The way he sticks out his toungue

    I mean look at his cute little face. 

  5. 5. La  Da Da Da Da 

    I mean we just like the way he says it, whats wrong with that?

  6. 6. Do You Know Who You Are?

    Here's a link where you can type in your name and find out who you are!

  7. 7. In conclusion, we stan harder than ever before

    What else is there to be said?

We all know by now that Harry is a king, but his new music video just proved, once again, how amazing he really is. Also, when is he going on tour because we need tickets ASAP. Let us know your thoughts on the video below!