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6 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

If you’re anything like me, it is a serious pain to buy gifts for the men in your life around the holidays.  I dread the day that I reach the last few male names on my shopping list.   Every time I ask for present ideas, I’m met with “I don’t need anything” or “There’s nothing I want this year.”  Women are so easy – if only men were into jewelry, cute home décor, beauty products and other wonderful goodies… But alas, they are quite the foreign species.

Boyfriends are a particularly difficult breed to shower with gifts during the holidays.  I have spent the last four Christmases riding the struggle bus when it comes to shopping for my boyfriend, but I think I have finally discovered the secret to buying gifts for men.  Here’s a huge hint: It doesn’t always have to be a gift from a store!  Here is a list of a few things that my man has actually appreciated over the years as a few ideas for those lost girlfriends needing some direction.

1. Clothes 

I know it sounds a little lame, but I bought the boyf a really cozy sweater a few years ago and he wears it all the time in the winter. I also got him a funny shirt once (see awesome galactic kitty shirt below) and he gets so many comments when he wears it!  Behind every good man is a woman who styled his wardrobe. Or something.  Right?

2. A Briefcase/Messenger Bag

This is useful for the (aspiring) working man, and shopping for one is almost as much fun as shopping for purses.

3. A Wallet

I know this is a cliché gift, but a really nice wallet is perfect for a boyfriend.  Pretty much every man uses one on the regular, and you won’t be embarrassed anymore when he pulls out his velcro or duct tape wallet from high school to pay for dinner.

4. Event Tickets 

Find some fun event to go to where the two of you can make memories! If he’s into sports, splurge on a couple sweet football or baseball game tickets.  If he’s into theatre, pick a date to dress up and go see a show.  Planning an event (or even a fun day trip somewhere) is a great gift idea for something the two of you can share.

5. Matching Nerf Guns

Because what’s more fun than a good nerf gun fight with your man?

Note: Make sure to purchase extra ammunition.  You don’t want to have to end the battle just before things are heating up!  And you’ll probably lose ¾ of them under the couch.

6. Hobby-Related Gifts

These are by far the best that I’ve found.  You’re being both a supportive girlfriend and a creative gift giver by finding some great art, cooking, video game, car, or (insert favorite hobby here) supplies!

Hopefully these tips are useful and will save you from fearing the imminent gift exchange with your man.  May the force be with you to find the perfect gift this holiday shopping season! (Star Wars movie set perhaps?)

Alisha McGoldrick is a senior at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. In her spare time, she loves making inspiration boards, reading, and shopping at farmer's markets.
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