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5 Ways to Spend Spring Break As Told By the Cast of New Girl

Finals are over and a whole week of freedom awaits you. Seven days of no homework, assignments or midterms. The possibilities are endless. But with only a week before classes start again, there is almost too much pressure to plan an unforgettable break. Here are some New Girl-inspired ideas to make the most of the time off:


Whether it’s jetting off to Cabo or Miami, or just staying in SLO, spring break is the perfect chance to make up for the long evenings stuck in the library, and go out to the bars or seek out the nearest house party.  

Go on a road trip.

With so many amazing places to visit on the West Coast, spring break is the perfect opportunity to take a spontaneous trip with your roommates or significant other. Often the best trips are unplanned. When you just head out and start driving, you never know what you might find. 

Binge a new show on Netflix.

This is one of the few times you can spend an entire day watching Netflix and not feeling guilty about it. It’s the perfect opportunity to watch that new show you’ve been trying to fit in time to see, or re-watching Gilmore Girls in time for the reunion season.

Eat real food.

The long days stuck on campus with only Metro or VGs as your food options are gone.  A week off school also means a week away from campus food, and one of the benefits of going home for break is the chance to eat actual home-cooked meals again.


Using the break to relax and make the most of the short break from 8 a.m. classes and full schedules will mean you can start next quarter re-energized and ready to embrace school again.

However you decide to spend spring break, whether it’s a combination of the above, or something different, be sure to stay safe, have fun and enjoy the seven days of complete freedom before the start of spring quarter!

Lucy is a third year political science major studying abroad at Cal Poly from London, England. In her free time she goes biking and running with the Cal Poly Triathlon Team, and enjoys out with friends, travelling and marathoning The Good Wife and New Girl on Netflix (Jess Day is her spririt animal). 
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