5 Ways to Decorate your Living Space on a Budget

It’s a new year and whether you are in a resident hall , apartment or house it is time to change up your living space. Often times a new look means dropping your life savings at Home Goods, however there are so many other ways that you can make a Pinterest worthy space without breaking the bank.

Here are five ways you can decorate your living space on a budget:


  1. 1. Use what you’ve already got

    Decorate your walls with things that you already have. Put up cork boards and utilize your favorite photos, stickers and posters to fill more wall space.

  2. 2. Thrift

    There are so many places to find unique decor for your room at local thrift shops in SLO along with many local garage sales. Also, during move-in Cal Poly Thrift will be selling items donated during move out last year. They will have many of the must-have items for storage and to make your place feel like home. 

  3. 3. DIY

    Get creative! Make your own nightstands, shelves and decor. Before you go out to buy something, see if you can make it yourself or put your own spin on it.

  4. 4. Utilize Facebook pages

    People often will sell or give away their furniture and decor on Cal Poly Housing, Sublets & Roommates and Cal Poly Free and for Sale. Take advantage of people trying to get rid of things because they will often be free or very affordable. 

  5. 5. If you have to shop, shop smart

    There are so many great finds at the local stores in SLO. Check your local Home Goods, Target and Costco for new stuff. It’s important to do this once you’ve already seen your space so you don’t buy things that you don’t need or that don’t fit in your space.

Transforming your space can be a great way to start your new school year on the right track but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Just get creative and have fun. Happy move-in Mustangs!!