5 Must Have Apps To Download During Quarantine

Because of the quarantine, most of us have more time on our hands. It is common to see people engaging in all different types of new activities. While I have been trying my best to limit screen usage, my phone has also served as a beneficial tool in ensuring that my days remain structured and (hopefully) productive. If you are looking for some new applications to download during quarantine, here are some of my personal favorites that I use on a daily basis!

  1. 1. Strava

    Strava is a fitness based application that allows you to track your exercise. It is primarily for runners and cyclists who are seeking an app that provides GPS and data analyzation, so you can review your performance later. It provides a newsfeed type feature that allows you to share your workout among your followers. You can add photos to your activity, as well as tag those who have completed the workout with you. There is a sense of community with Strava as you can join challenges and “give kudos” to your followers after they have uploaded a new exercise. This has been my all-time favorite app during quarantine, and it has kept me both busy and active.

  2. 2. Calm

    With all of the uncertainty associated with COVID-19, it is not uncommon to experience unbearable waves of anxiousness. When these feelings arise, it is important to turn to a form of meditation. Calm is the #1 application for meditation and sleep. With the combination of pleasant backgrounds, relaxing music and exercises focused on your breathing, the Calm app is a great way to ease your feelings of discomfort. 

  3. 3. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is a great way to stay on top of all your daily activities in a highly organized manner. The interface is easy to manipulate, and if you have a Gmail account, it integrates your events nicely. One of the many advantages of this app is the share feature, which is useful for my family when exchanging appointment information, events or birthdays.

  4. 4. Tik Tok

    It took me a long time to hop on the Tik Tok bandwagon, but after my friends sent me so many links to these hilarious videos, I caved in. A video-sharing social media application with a wide variety of content, these short videos incorporate comedy, dancing routines, how-to videos and more. With some extra time on my hands, I have begged some of my family members (including my dog) to participate in the fun.

  5. 5. Pinterest

    Pinterest is a social media application that I love to use during my freetime. The purpose of this app is to socially connect users through posting new images (pins) and collections of photos (boards). This platform is targeted at the creative community who enjoy DIY assignments. From home inspiration to creating new projects, Pinterest allows users to share what they are passionate about.

While shelter in place has many feeling tired, anxious and bored, these applications have helped me manage my mood swings and added levity to my household.