5 Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down

We’ve all had those days (or weeks) when everything that can go wrong does goes wrong. You may forget an assignment for class, get in a fight with your roommate or significant other or you just feel, well, blah. For those days when life gets you down, here are some movies you can watch that will cheer you up!

1. About Time 

For those days when life seems to be too much to handle, About Time is a perfect movie to cozy up to with a nice hot cup of tea. Set in England, this movie tells the story of Tim, a 21 year old who just found out he has the ability to time travel. With this new-found gift, the story follows him through the ups and downs he has in his life. With an amazing cast with well-written characters, this movie will end up giving you a different outlook on life.

2. The Nanny Diaries

This movie is about Annie Braddock (played by Scarlett Johansson), a recent college graduate who is having a little trouble figuring out what to do with her new diploma. Instead of applying for jobs in the business sector, she becomes a nanny for a wealthy family on the Upper East Side, all the while trying to figure out who she really is. For those days when the future may seem a little daunting, grab a group of girlfriends and play this movie!

3. Little Miss Sunshine

First premiering at the Sundance film festival, this movie tells the tale of a dysfunctional family and the cross country trip they take to get their daughter Olive (played by Abigail Breslin) to the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. Both funny and sweet, Little Miss Sunshine is a movie you can easily watch over and over again.

4. Yes Man

Jim Carrey plays Carl, a guy who is never one to go out of his comfort zone and says “no” too many times to do anything enjoyable with his life. He then gets challenged to say “yes” to everything and finds out that life can be fun and exciting to live. This uplifting comedy is perfect for fans of Jim Carrey and anyone needing a laugh.

5. Fantastic Mr. Fox

From the creative mind of Wes Anderson, this movie tells the story of Mr. Fox and his family and the adventures that ensues after Mr. Fox plans the last big raid of his life. With an all-star cast including George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray, this colorful tale will surely brighten anyone’s day!