5 Gifs From “You” That Make Our Skin Crawl

The Netflix show "You" first debuted in September of 2018 and the second season was released in December 2019. The show is a thriller that follows Joe, a serial killer, as he develops an obsession and falls in love with Beck, a customer at the bookstore where he works. 

If you haven’t finished the second season yet, don’t worry we won’t spoil it for you!

To close out stalking awareness month, here are 5 gifs from “You” that make our skin crawl.


  1. 1. The classic stalker Joe

  2. 2. The hiding under the bed Joe

  3. 3. The chasing after Peach Joe

  4. 4. The spying on Beck in the car Joe

  5. 5. The in the house Joe

“You” is a very popular show, and while it dramatizes some aspects for television, it brings up the harsh reality of how far stalking can go. Make sure to stay safe online and trust your gut instinct.