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5 Fun Ways to Bond With Your Roommates

Regardless of whether you’re sharing a tiny dorm room with one or two other people, or if you have your own room in an off-campus apartment or house, you’re going to be living with a fascinating subspecies of humans: roommates.

Ask your parents, peers and professors, everyone has a few memorable roommate stories. And while many of those stories might be horrifying and cause you to develop preconceived fears of your roommates, we here at HC Cal Poly try to focus on the positive. We’d like to pass along some of our best tried and true ways to bond with your roomies. The people you are cohabitating with might just become some of your closest friends.

1) Eat together: Whether you cook a meal together or grab a bite downtown or in the dining halls, eating is a tasty, terrific way to bond. Working together in the kitchen will make you feel like a team and after you’ve devoured your delicious meal, you’ll feel proud of your collaborative accomplishment. Light conversation over a yummy meal out is also a great way to get to know your roomies.

2) Movie Night: Regardless of whether you head downtown, go to the drive-in, or just stay home in your sweats and slippers, watching movies with your roomies is an easy way to relax and bond. You’ll discover common interests and have fun quoting your favorite roomie movies in public while other people look at you like you’re wackos. Their loss.

3) Bond over childhood memories: While getting ready for a night out, swap your “getting-ready-to-go-out” playlist for some classics. We’re talking Brittny Spears, N*Sync, Spice Girls, A*Teens – the list goes on and on. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along, using your curling irons as microphones and busting out those unforgettable 90s music video dance moves. If you want to combine tip 2 and 3, watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie is highly recommended.

4) Study together: Plan your study schedules together. Even if you don’t have any classes together, it’s always nice to have a study buddy. If you’re doing some late night studying at the library, it’s great to have your roomie along so you can safely walk home together. After a long day studying, reward yourself together with some YoCre, Finding Nemo, or some reruns of The Hills. Motivate each other to work hard and stay focused. Even if you can’t coordinate your study schedules, let your roommate know you care by leaving her a note before a big exam wishing her well.

5) Furnish and accessorize your living space together: A trip to TG Maxx and Target to pick up some throw pillows and some wall art is a fantastic way to get to know your roommate better. You’ll discover each other’s personal styles and it will take cooperation, compromising, and collaboration to incorporate all the roomies’ opinions regarding interior design. Make sure that everyone has something that represents her in your common spaces. You may have to tolerate an ugly lamp or an out-of-place poster, but celebrate your differences and you’ll be amazed by how well you can blend everyone’s unique style.

With a little respect, good hygiene practices, courteous communication and some fun roommate bonding, you’re sure to survive your living situation and you might actually gain a few friends.

Christina Favuzzi is a junior broadcast journalism major at California Polytechnic State University in beautiful San Luis Obispo. She's originally from Santa Barbara but she loves being just up the coast in SloTown.In addition to her journalism degree, she is minoring in political science and dance.Christina is a member of the Omicrom Mu chaper of Chi Omega.Christina is an avid member of Cal Poly news media beyond HCCP. She is a multimedia journalist for Cal Poly Television and collaborates with the entire Mustang Media Group. She firmly believes this is the most exciting time to be working in journalism! Pay attention collegiettes. 
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