5 Bloggers That Will Change Your Instagram Feed Forever

Social media was once everyone’s main way to keep in touch with friends, but has since transformed to  allow others a glimpse into our most picturesque moments. Bloggers have stolen the attention away from your high school bestie’s selfies with photos that showcase their seemingly “perfect” lives,  highlighted by their carefully selected filters and photo edits.  Now, it may seem like a pretty daunting task to search through all of the different users out there, so I have compiled a list of some of the best bloggers on Instagram to fill your hours of scrolling with the best content possible!


Queen J climbed her way up the ladder of social media popularity with the help of an anonymous twitter account she created a few years ago that has since helped her achieve some amazing real-world accomplishments! Her IG and twitter accounts showcase her sassy and blunt personality that will constantly make you envious of her life, filled with attending fashion events and collaborating with designers. She’s basically the real-life version of Serena van der Woodsen (plus, she got to met Blake Lively last year and has pics to prove it).

Barefoot Blonde 

Initially, you will be in awe of the amazing braids and fashion tips this woman posts, but you will eventually fall in love with her picture-perfect family. She is the ultimate #lifegoal. Her IG is a massive collection of perfect baby bump and toddler pictures, and it doesn’t hurt that her husband is a total babe! Basically, she’s what we all aspire to be one day!



Casey Holmes takes beauty vlogging to a whole other level by making everything a bit more personalized. Her twitter (https://twitter.com/itsbl0ndie?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7C...) is filled with constant interactions with her followers and totally relatable reactions to popular Bravo  moments. Her IG  also features stunning selfies to preview her latest beauty vlogs that will inspire you to go practice her techniques until you have the look mastered!

Late Afternoon Blog

This LA fashionista tries to “live beautifully one picture at a time” and definitely does just that! She has been featured by several major publications for her impeccable fashion and beauty tips, and will instantly make your IG feed better with her posts! Oh, and is it even fair that someone can have great hair days as often as she does?

With Love from Kat 

This Parisian blogger posts about everything from travelling, fashion, beauty and décor, all with effortless ease. Her IG will instantly make you wish you could be roaming the streets in her killer outfits right alongside her! Check out her travel section  for an instant trip to all of the beautiful places she has explored!

Try using the “Explore” section on your Instagram to find new content that will be catered to your most-liked style of posts – doing this will reveal even more bloggers to obsess over! Don’t forget to follow Her Campus Cal Poly  while you’re at it!