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5 Black Female Owned Depop Shops to Support

Buying your clothes through Depop is a great way to support small businesses, as well as  individuals who use the site as a way to make extra money. In light of social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, that sparked change in 2020, I personally wanted to find ways that I could support POC-owned businesses. Depop is an app that I’ve always loved using and always find the coolest pieces from, so I began to research black-owned shops that I could support. This article includes some of my favorite black female owned Depop shops that you can support as well. 


Ashley is the owner of the Depop shop Moody Gemini ?SHOP Moody Gemini ♊️’s Shop. Ashley’s shop consists of ‘90s and early 2000s styles, and many of the pieces are true vintage. Moody Gemini has so many cute pieces from mini dresses, to necklaces, to staple top pieces. It’s the perfect place to shop if you’re looking to hop on the ‘90s and early 2000s trend that has been growing very popular lately. You can also follow Moody Vintage on Instagram @moodygeminivintage. 


Coco B is the owner of Depop shop Cobee Thrift Coco B’s Shop. Coco’s shop is a retro dream, and has so many fun and unique ‘80s inspired pieces. Cobee Thrift has some great matching suit sets, beautiful floral dresses, vintage blazers and more. This shop is perfect if you’re feeling nostalgic for the ‘80s, and the pieces are one of a kind and will add a pop in your wardrobe. You can also follow Coco on Instagram @co_bee. 


Maya Harper is the wonder of Depop shop Mellowaya’s Vintage Shop Mellowaya’s Vintage Shop’s Shop. Mellowaya’s pieces are handpicked vintage, with anything from the coolest jackets to the chicest tops. This shop is great if you’re looking for a more modern look with items that will become your everyday favorites. You can also follow Maya on Instagram @mellowaya. 


Full Moon Gurl https://www.depop.com/fullmoongurl/ is an early 2000s inspired Depop shop.This shop is the place to go for the best Y2K styled denim and graphics tops. Full Moon Gurl is the perfect shop to buy from when looking for some more edgy but chic pieces to add to your closet. You can also follow Full Moon Gurl on Instagram @fullmoongurl2. 


Hey Nichole Vintage https://www.depop.com/heynicholevintage/ has some of the cutest vintage pieces on depop. Nichole has everything including chic jackets, cute mini skirts and tops, gorgeous dresses and very stylish shoes. You can find anything on her shop whether you’re in need of a new favorite everyday top or the perfect outfit for a night out. You can also follow Nicole Vintage on Instagram @heynicholevintage. 

I hope you love these shops as much as I do, and be sure to share them with your friends too! It’s a great way for all fashion lovers to support fellow fashion lovers in the POC community.

I am currently an editor for CP HerCampus and I am super excited for this year! I am a third-year Psych major, minoring in Child Development and Law and Society. Even though I am working towards a career in psychology, I love writing and being creative which makes HerCampus such a great place for me!
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