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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Lyrically genius, boundary-breaking, and therapeutic are just a few words to describe Frank Ocean and his revolutionary music. As one of the most appreciated and influential musical artists of this era, you can find those who enjoy his music in any group of young people today. In fact, Insider referred to Frank Ocean as the greatest artist of the decade, and there are many reasons why others feel the same. 

As he has gathered global appreciation for his limitless complexity and intimacy within his music, he has paved the way for many artists to come. In the spheres of soul, alternative R&B, funk, and jazz, he has created his own unique sounds that are gravitating and inspiring in the music world and the general public. 

From his debut masterpiece “Channel Orange,” to his record-breaking “Blonde,” Frank Ocean has redefined and reinspired music in such a unique way, so finding music as beautiful as his is hard to find. The following artists create music similar to Frank Ocean’s, and they’re hidden gems walking on the path that Frank Ocean paved. 

Daniel Caesar

Let’s start off with the obvious one – if you know who Frank Ocean is, you most likely know who Daniel Caesar is. His heartfelt and melodic songs with soul and electronic influence feel like a gospel-take on the classic Frank Ocean style. Through exploring love, religion, and life in his music, he has already been heard by millions and millions more to come. 

A few songs to check out from Daniel Caesar:

● “Get You” ft. Kali Uchis

● “We Find Love”


Brent Faiyaz

Another more famous artist with some Frank Ocean influence is Brent Faiyaz. You may recognize his songs “Trust” or “Dead Man Walking” from their viral social media presence. There is a reason why Brent Faiyaz is gaining traction – his slower, electronic R&B songs are a euphonious, layered branch of Frank Ocean’s musical empire. 

A few songs to check out from Brent Faiyaz:

● “Been Away”

● “Dead Man Walking”

● “Trust”


Breakthrough artist ODIE is similar to Frank Ocean with his meaningful lyrical style and more mellow, elongated vocals. His hip and soulful music is romantic, gentle, and smooth with an upbeat touch. Listening to ODIE is a one way ticket to the same thoughtfulness and serenity felt as when listening to Frank Ocean.

A few songs to check out from ODIE:

● “North Face”

● “Miss Summer”

● “Little Lies”


The up and coming artist Choker is an amazing example of the product of Frank Ocean’s revolutionary effect in the music industry. The musicality in his songs has an experimental feel with a hazy undertone, mirroring Frank Ocean’s speciality. This, in combination with the sentimental and vulnerable lyrics about doubt and love, makes for the perfect Frank Ocean experience. 

A few songs to check out from Choker:

● “Frame – From ‘Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack’”

● “Lucky”

● “Petrol Bliss”

bLAck pARty

Rising artist bLAck pARty is the product of Frank Ocean’s rhythm and soul influence in the R&B industry. This artist’s upbeat tunes with mellow vibes and catchy lyrics are the perfect example of electro-funk and rap mixed together. His romantic, metaphoric lyrics with his soft tone make for a great Frank Ocean mood. 

A few songs to check out from bLAck pARty:

● “Dancing”

● “Lay”

● “Wanderlust”

Frank Ocean is a one of a kind musician who has permanently benefited music and culture, so these artists are just a few of the ripple effects of his amazing contribution. 

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