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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

With quarantine, it has made it harder for us to go outside and do the things that we love. Art has been one of the best ways for me to get my mind off of being stuck inside and to relax.  It is relatively cheap, simple and there are many creative formats to choose from.



This has been one of my favorite past times. I usually go to Pinterest and find a guided drawing that I can easily recreate.  One of my favorite pieces that I have done is a Rick piece (from Rick and Morty) that I made out of markers. With coloring, I recommend starting with a pencil to sketch out your ideas and then filling it in with markers or colored pencils. 

Water Color

I love doing watercolor paintings when I am stressed out because I find this method very relaxing. I also usually go to YouTube or Pinterest to find ones that I can easily recreate.  One of my personal favorites is one I did of the New York skyline with a sunset background. Some fun and easy ideas are created in this video

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is definitely a bit harder than water color. It takes more skill and patience and is harder to correct mistakes if you mess up. Acrylic painting is also more expensive as it requires expensive paints, a canvas and specific paint brushes. There are a lot of easy tutorials to follow on Pinterest and YouTube as well. I recently painted this meditation style painting with acrylics and added some fun gems where the chakras on the body are.


This may sound boring and over simple to some, but I have really enjoyed tracing out cartoon characters recently. It’s as easy as printing out some cool shapes and characters online and then holding the black and white stencil up to a window. You then take a piece of plain white paper over the stencil and trace over it. You can go in after the tracing is done and add your finishing touches and color. This technique is super easy and fun!