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3 Tech Tools You Need for the New Year

Welcome back to Cal Poly, everyone! As students at a polytechnic school, it’s our right—no, our duty—to buy the coolest, newest, hypeiest tech gadgets, right? Right.

To help you perform this essential duty, we’ve rounded up our favorite tech tools.

1. Ringly

Lindsey Allen, who runs our social media strategy, told us about Ringly. It’s a “smart ring” that connects to your iPhone and apps.

Basically, you choose which notifications matter most (emails from your boss, texts from that one person you really want to get with, calendar notifications from your friends). Ringly vibrates on your finger any time you get one of these priority notifications—so you can leave your phone in your bag without worrying you’ll miss something important.

The rings are a little pricey, but gorgeous. And the functionality makes it all worth it!

2. OnHand

Raise your hand if you’re always losing USB drives. Uh, y’all better be raising your hands. It’s the worst when it’s midnight, you just finished your presentation for your COMS101 class (that’s due the next day #thisiscollege), and… for the life of you, you can’t find that USB drive you and your mom bought at Target.

Enter the OnHand bracelet. Take it off your wrist, unroll it, and viola—there’s an 8GB flashdrive. Your COMS101 teacher might even give you extra points for creativity.

3. Kineta

There really isn’t anything the Kineta alarm clock doesn’t do. Seriously, calling it an alarm clock is kind of a joke.

It’s also an iHome Bluetooth speaker with a radio and speakerphone. But the coolest feature is its removable K-Cell battery. You charge up the battery (while simultaneously charging your phone, if you so wish), then when you’re leaving your dorm or apartment, grab the battery and go.

When you’re out and about and your phone’s almost dead, just connect the battery to the phone for instant power! Pretty awesome.


Hope you enjoyed these picks!



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