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20 Signs You’ve Lived in SLO Too Long

I’ve lived here in San Luis Obispo for the past four years. Even though this town is a lovely place, sometimes I feel I’ve overstayed. So, I’ve complied this list to help you see if you too have lived in SLO for "too long." Hint: If you check off more than three on this list, it’s time to pack your bags and move!

1. When people ask where you live, you say SLO, instead of San Luis Obispo.

2. You are used to the scent of cow poop.

3. You have consumed at least once pulled pork and/or tri-trip sandwich this week.

4. You wear at least 4 layers, a scarf, and boots if the weather is below 65 degrees.

5. You strip down to basically your underwear if it reaches over 85.

6. Your Instagram account is almost exclusively sunsets.

7. You’re weirdly attracted to cowboys.

8. You have been line dancing.

9. You like line dancing.

10. Line dancing is your life.

11. You take the beach for granted.

12. You think Bubble Gum Alley is cute and quirky, instead of disgusting and unsanitary.

13. You’ve been to Pint Night every Tuesday since you turned 21.

14. You listen to more country music than you’d ever thought you’d be comfortable with.

15. Going to In-N-Out is an outing in and of itself.

16. You go to Farmer’s Market every Thursday, even though it's much too crowded and exactly the same every week.

17. You go to SLO Brew to listen to either bands no one has ever heard of or singers who had their heyday in the late '90s/early 2000s. (We’re lookin’ at Aaron Carter!)

18. You refuse to acknowledge the fact New Frontiers has been converted into a Whole Foods.

19. You’ve been on a few dates at Palazzo Giuseppe.

20. You proudly tell people Oprah once declared San Luis Obispo as the happiest place in America. 

I am a 3rd year English here at Cal Poly. I have a passions for all things pop culture, dogs and feminism.
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