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15 Signs You’ve Gone Through Spring Training

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

1. Realizing you are snapping when you agree with someone or something because it has become second nature after 10 weeks.

*snaps at this article*

2. Being able to sit anywhere for long durations of time.

3 hours of sitting once a week for 10 weeks equals buns of steel

3. You constantly get costume materials from Beverley’s that the employees address you by your name.

Hey girl! I’m making a left shark costume this time.

4. You have to stop yourself from yelling, “NO!” at the top of your lungs, when someone asked for your attention.


It has been a real struggle!

5. Your roommates constantly question you for leaving the house in costume.

They are just jealous that you can rock your Toy Story themed costume on a Tuesday evening.

6. You either dread or get really excited when you hear someone say “four” or “money”.

Numbers will never be the same. Ever.

7. Acronyms are your primary form of communication as well as explaining their meanings.

Kindly correcting someone when they say “WOW Week.” It’s either WOW or Week of Welcome, but not both!

8. You start to wonder how you survived this so long without a designated snack time.

Makes me think of when I was in elementary school

9. You are actually excited for school to start so you can meet your wowies.

#19moreweeks #yay #Mustangs

10. Making plans for a Tuesday night isn’t a thing.

Spring Training going up on a Tuesday. I love when people who are in the UU watching LITs come out of Chumash these nights.

11. When you wake up Wednesday morning and realize you left your voice at Spring Training.

I willingly gave my voice to Spring Training to be an Orientation Leader

12. Words are extremely hard on Tuesday nights.

#wordsarehard  #merp

13. Remembering you have an inside voice and it’s more appropriate to use than your Spring Training “inside” voice.

“ANNOUNCEMENTS! WOOOOOOOOOO!” Whoops, I just mean “Woo” lol.

14. Trying to figure out if you are a Mundane “Friend” or a Flash Mob fan and realizing you are a little bit of both.

I actually a Mundane “Friend” at heart but I love Flash Mob’s moves!

#myFACisaMudaneFriend #hesagem

15. You actually know what Andrene’s hair used to look like.

              It’s actually amazing!  I wish I could have that volume and curl.


Davis is a 4th year Dairy Science major who has a passion for tea, dressing up her rabbit, playing Pokemon and making every Disney movie she watches a sing-along.Davis tries her best to incorporate her bubbly personality into all her articles.Davis thanks you for taking the time out of your busy lives to observe and reflect on her (mostly) silly articles.Enjoy! 
Frances is a third year currently studying Journalism and French at Cal Poly SLO. She hails from the Bay Area where you can usually find her in her local Philz, chugging a caffeinated drink. She is a firm proponent of boybands, rain, Shonda Rhimes shows and the occasional In N' Out run.