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The 10 Types of Women You’ll See at Cal Poly

As a completely straight, no-sexuality-spectrum-for-me female, I have to admit that the girls at Cal Poly are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously – each time I look up from my phone while walking around campus, (which admittedly isn’t very often), I’m stunned at how many smart, beautiful girls I see. But smart and beautiful aren’t really types of girls; they’re just something we all happen to be. After a lot of deliberation and realizing how much I like making lists, I’ve come up with the ten types of girls you see at Cal Poly.


1. The Lululemon Addict

A Lululemon addiction is the best kind of addiction a girl can have if you ask me, but you’ll probably get a different answer from her (or her parents’) credit card bills. Whether she’s going to the gym or not, the Lululemon Addict is definitely wearing a pair of leggings, running shoes and a spirit jersey or sweatshirt. The $200 outfits are definitely getting enough use though; the Lululemon Addict’s exercise game is definitely strong. You can see her carrying around her lunch in one of the signature red Lululemon bags, wearing her Northface backpack, or sipping out of her Camelbak water bottle. 


2. The Girl in an LDR

The Girl in the LDR can most likely be found in the dorms, mostly because the majority of long distance relationships don’t last past Thanksgiving. You might be one of the lucky ones to make it past freshman year, but the chances are pretty slim. But in the dorms or not, you can rest assured that she has at least one guy pining after her, despite being one of the most unavailable girls around. I mean, if her boyfriend makes the conscious decision to stay in a relationship with a girl that lives hundreds of miles away, she’s probably a catch.  The Girl in the LDR can be seen with her phone in hand and with bags underneath her eyes, waking up extra early or staying up extra late so she can fit in a full conversation with her boyfriend.


3. The Engineer

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The Engineer is a little elusive, probably because she’s busy writing code or working on a lab report. She probably feels a little marginalized by the gender gap in her major at times, but her passion for what she does is so much stronger than any stereotype she might face. Just like an architect in studio, you can find the Engineer in “lab”, though you aren’t completely sure where all the labs are, or which one she’s talking about.


4. The Future Teacher

The Future Teacher is always warm, friendly and strangely reminiscent of New Girl’s Jessica Day, but a little less quirky and way less annoying. Chances are, she has a pair of glasses (even if she doesn’t wear them all the time), and has the “conservative cute” look down to a science. The Future Teacher isn’t necessarily a Liberal Studies major, but if she isn’t, she’s probably studying Child Development. The Future Teacher can be found volunteering in elementary school classrooms, reading “Holes” for her Children’s Lit. class, or making classroom crafts so cute and artsy that she puts sorority girls to shame.


5. The Know-It-All

Unfortunately, we’re all too familiar with the Know-It-All. She sits in the front row in every single class, raises her hand after every single point the professor makes, and is convinced that everybody else is always wrong and she’s always right. Contrary to her nickname, the Know-It-All might not actually know it all. For example, she doesn’t always pick up on social cues, which is probably why she thinks it’s totally fine to tell the professor that he’s doing everything wrong even when he isn’t. Don’t get me wrong – the Know-It-All is probably really intelligent – but no IQ score in the world is enough to justify her constant condescension and unsolicited advice.


6. The Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is a lot like the Cowboy, with the primary difference being the fact that she’s, you know, a girl. The chances that she owns a pick up truck or wants one are pretty high, but the chances that she’s wearing boots to class are ten times higher. She likes country music, America and boot cut jeans, and she couldn’t be happier at any other school. The Cowgirl can be found at the Ag Burgers stand on Thursday afternoons, or at the crop unit for one of her classes.


7. The City Girl

We sometimes question why the City Girl chose to go here, especially because her hometown probably has stores open past 10 p.m. and a more diverse selection of food, not to mention a more exciting nightlife. At first, the City Girl wasn’t quite used to Cal Poly version of dressing up (a.k.a. leggings, riding boots and a sweater), but she assimilates pretty fast. For the City Girl, SLO is a breath of fresh air before she catapults herself back into the busy streets and late nights of city life after graduation.


8. The Girl Who’s Not Going to the Rec

We’ve all been this girl at least once, and I can guarantee you that we’ll be her again sometime soon. The Girl Who’s Not Going to the Rec walks around dressed like the Lululemon Addict, but as absolutely no intention of going to the gym that day. But who can blame her? With clothes as soft as leggings and a school where it’s more common to wear workout clothes than not, the Girl Who’s Not Going to the Rec not only fits in, but also feels way more comfortable than you do.


9. The Girl Who Squats

The total opposite of the Girl Who’s Not Going to the Rec, the Girl Who Squats goes to the gym almost religiously. She’s focused, muscular, and most importantly, a complete badass. She’s not afraid of stereotypes, either. She doesn’t worry about the thigh gap; she worries about beating her personal records. The Girl Who Squats can be found at the gym (duh), wearing spandex shorts and breaking the status quo.


10. The Overachiever

The Overachiever is kind of like the one you knew in high school, but this time, the achievements are so much higher. The Overachiever is on Dean’s List every single quarter, volunteers her time without any type of community service requirement, and has an amazing job lined up for after graduation. She makes time management look easy, and juggling 20 units and two jobs look even easier. You’re totally jealous, until you realize how many bags she has under her eyes and how little time she has for Netflix binges and pizza.


Bonus: You

Just like my “10 Guys You See at Cal Poly” article, this one isn’t supposed to put you into any boxes. You’re not just the Lululemon Addict or just the Future Teacher – you might not be either of them – you’re just you. You could be any combination of these girls on any given day; nobody fits any kind of stereotype to the letter. In fact, none of us exactly fit any stereotype at all. You are who you are, and that’s the best type of girl at Cal Poly.

Nikki is a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where her parents think she's on track to graduate early with degrees in both Finance and French. She is -- kind of -- but she currently functions under the delusion that graduation, much like the limit, does not actually exist. In wake of this recent quarter-life crisis, Nikki plans to live out her final days as an undergrad nursing her giant ego, making Mean Girls references, and advocating for the continued use of the Oxford comma. She prefers her dog and s'mores Poptarts over most things, and survives on a delicate combination of iced coffee and cookie dough. In her free time, Nikki enjoys binge watching Modern Family, embarrassing herself in front of cute boys, and making empty promises to go to the gym. Hate mail and Mindy Kaling gifs can be tweeted to her anytime at @nikkikontiki.
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