10 Thoughts Everybody Has in Bubblegum Alley

Whether you’re a freshman, a fourth year or have lived in SLO your entire life, chances are you’ve walked through Bubblegum Alley at least once. If you’ve ever walked through Bubblegum Alley, then chances are also pretty high that you’ve had at least one of these 10 thoughts:

1. Wow this is actually really cool and unique, who came up with such a great idea? This person was obviously a creative genius that knew exactly what SLO was missing.

2. Okay maybe this is actually kind of gross...why is all of the gum so dirty? Oh god, how old is this gum?

3. OMG is that a condom? Why would someone even do such a disgusting thing, and how did it even get on the wall?

4. Well I guess I’m already here, so might as well contribute to the nastiness. It would be really dumb if I hadn't brought any gum...

5. Oh god, how do I get my gum on the wall without touching the other old and gross gums? This is a bigger challenge than I anticipated.

6. Wow I could barely get my gum on this part of the wall, how did people get theirs all the way up there? And they spelled out words with their gum?! I’m a failure.

7. Mission accomplished, I just stuck my gum on this disgusting wall. I feel like I can take on the world!

8. Okay now for the most important part, selfie time. I have to document this moment because how else will anyone know that it’s actually my gum?!

9. Oh god, my face got way too close to the wall during that selfie. Ew I think the gum touched my face!

10. That was probably the most stressful 10 minutes of my life. I guess I’m still glad I did it though, plus I got great selfies. Oh no, hopefully I don’t trip into the wall on my way out.