10 Thoughts Every Cal Poly Student Has When They See a a Tour Group

Prepare yourself; it’s that time of the year again. It’s the time when eager soon-to-be freshman with their brown university store bags and picture-snapping parents invade campus. We know what you’re all thinking when this takeover occurs…

1. Oh, look a tour group. That’s cool. Oh, there’s another. And there’s one over there too, and over there, and…oh my god they’re everywhere.

2. Yeah I know, you all wish you were me right now – this scholarly individual basically living life at your dream school – mmhm that’s me.

3. I feel like an animal on display at the zoo. All these eyes and cameras pointed at me, I understand what it’s like now.

4. Aw, how cute. Look at all of the little WOWies! 

5. Wait, why are all of the boys wearing Cal Poly shirts? They can’t be going to college, I swear they’re all like 13.

6. And these girls, how much makeup are you wearing and why is your hair so perfect it’s 9:30 in the morning. Oh, that’s right, haha they still have their cool cards.

7.  It would actually be kind of cool to be a tour guide. I could see myself standing up there like that. Wait, that’s actually a lot of people, maybe not.

8. On second thought, definitely not. I’m 100% sure that I lack the ability to walk backwards for over an hour. Major props.

9. Okay woah there, woahhh there mom in front. Settle down now, maybe let the tour guide answer your question before you ask another one. Parents these days.

10. Wow, this used to be me. Why does it feel like that was forever ago when college has gone by way too fast…WOWies beware.