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10 Signs You’re In-Season

‘Tis the season…for turf burns and sweat stains, that is.

1. Your skin tone is never even anymore.

Sock tans? Jersey tans? Shorts tans? How about all of the above? Every athlete knows when swimsuit season comes along you’re hoping nobody will notice all those uneven tan lines you got from your uniform

2. You suddenly find yourself doing laundry twice a week.

Not only are you washing the clothes you wear to school (which are probably workout clothes, anyway), but now you also have to wash your practice and game attire. The beginning of season means a trip to Target to stock up on laundry detergent – and extra dryer sheets to stuff into smelly shoes and bags!

3. Getting full is a thing of the past.

You know you’re in season when you reach for your third slice of pizza and still feel like there’s a black hole in your stomach.

4. Your bed is covered in turf beads.

And so is your bag. And your shoes. And all your clothes. And pretty much everything else that you come into contact with. They’re probably falling out of your ears at this point.

5. Bruises and turf burns become battle scars to be proud of.

Forget trying to use ice or band-aids to conceal your injuries – you’d rather deal with the pain and show them off to the world.  You worked hard for them, after all.

6. You get more excited about new spandex than new boots.

Especially if you found them on sale because spandex are always ridiculously overpriced.

7. Walking up and down stairs becomes incredibly difficult.

Because your legs are sore and tired more often than they aren’t.

8. Your friends stop asking you to hang out because they know you’ll be busy.

You’ve basically signed your life away for the next few months, so they don’t expect to see you for a while.

9. You sleep like a rock.

If sleeping were a sport, you’d be a champion at that too.

10. Your team becomes your second family.

The best part about season is spending time with your team.  Whether you’re battling it out at practice or all going out to dinner together, you know you have each other’s backs, no matter what!

I like iced coffee, red lipstick, good books, short runs, Korean rap, big dogs, warm weather, funny people and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Writing is fun too, I guess.  Find me on Twitter: [at]cseiter17. 
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