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10 Signs You’re the Monica Geller of Your Friend Group

Hello Harmonicas of the world. While Friends may be off air, the enduring legacy of Monica Geller lives on forever. If you have a penchant for packing extra snacks and sunblock, if you’re afraid to show up empty-handed to a party or if you’ve ever been called “mom”, then this list is for you. Here are ten signs you’re the Monica Geller of your friend group:

1. You know what’s going to be on this list.

Like you just know things. There are too many to list, so let’s just say everything.

2.You’re brutally honest.

People need to know! Whether you’re giving infallible boy advice or simply explaining just how wrong they are, friends always come to you for the truth.

3. Everything’s a competition.

If you’re not winning, you’re not doing it right. You know the value of hard work, dedication and the inexorable need to succeed.

4. Other people’s lack of cleanliness and preparedness concerns you.

And those two words are brought up often when you’re asked to describe yourself. Dinner or study sessions always happen at your place because frankly, that’s the only place you don’t feel the urge to clean.

5. Your dance moves are incomparable.

Whether you’re three glasses of wine deep and gyrating to Beyonce, or rocking out to your fave song in the car, you love to move and aren’t embarrassed to show it.

6. Seduction is your forte.

You got this down. Confidence? Check. Moves? See #5. It’s no question that you always bring your A-game.  

7. So naturally, you know your way around the body.

This goes along with your basic knowledge of everything. You know what you want and are expert at getting it.        

8. While your friends obsess over guys, you don’t let them get in the way of your #careergoals.

While you provide the best shoulder to cry on, you don’t have time for that yourself. Guys are fun to flirt with, and maybe you’ll find your Chandler someday, but for now your priorities are set, and they just aren’t one of them.

9. It’s extremely hard to ask for advice.

SAME. What kind of hostess with the mostess asks for help?? You’re independent to a fault, and would often rather fail than ask someone to help solve your problems. Your stubbornness makes you strong and formidable, but it sometimes gets you in trouble.

10. No matter how hard it is to tell, everything you do for others comes from pure love.

You’re honest because you care, and those closest to you have learned that you do it out of love.

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