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10 Examples of “Boy Math”: The Trend Roasting Men Everywhere Left and Right

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We all loved the relatable “Girl Math” Tik Tok/Twitter trend with hilarious habitslike justifying spending $20 on a top because you’ll wear it 20+ times so that’s less than a dollar per wear. However, after this trend has now come the “Boy Math” trend and it is not looking great for the boys. “Boy Math” is a trend created by the fem side of Tik Tok and Twitter giving examples of the interesting reasoning they’ve personally experienced men using, calling out toxic masculinity while sharing a laugh at some common experiences.

Here are 10 of my favorite examples of “boy math” inspired by the creative women of Tik Tok and Twitter.

Quick reminder: Does this “math” apply to every man? No. But we all most likely know a man whose reasoning skills align with at least one of these hilarious and entertaining posts.

10 Examples of “Boy Math” Inspired by the women of tik tok and twitter

1. Boy math is wearing another man’s jersey and referring to a team as “we” when this man has never worked with or for the team.

2. Boy math is hearing a woman say she likes a very well known band and immediately having to ask her to name five of their songs.

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3. Boy math is liking a bunch of bikini pics on Instagram and then getting mad at his girlfriend for posting one.

4. Boy math is saying he’s looking for “wifey” in his Hinge profile but his preferences say “short term relationship.”

Only Murders in the building season 3

5. Boy math: 5’10 = 6’0

6. Boy math is being scared of “gold diggers” when their bed is a bare twin mattress on the ground.

7. Boy math is getting five texts in a row and responding to one of them.

8. Boy math is thinking an American athlete was more famous than Taylor Swift…🫖

9. Boy math is making fun of selfies but having a photo album dedicated to their gym mirror pics.

10. Boy math is thinking period blood is gross but loving Mortal Kombat.

How To Enjoy Your Period
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So yes, the Tik Tok/Twitter girlies were a little harsh, but we love a relatable joke. For some even more wild  examples of “girl math”, hit the web! It will never cease to be entertaining for all. 

Grace is an Animal Science major and a writer for HCCP. She is from Half Moon Bay, CA and is focusing in avian and wildlife medicine/rehabilitation. In her free time she takes studio art classes and is pursuing a minor in it!