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Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Tired of getting your hopes up about spring break, only to let the week pass without doing anything memorable? You aren’t alone! Here’s to the girls who sit in their houses binge watching Netflix, stuffing their faces and putting off homework until the night before school starts. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Expectation: The tropical getaway of your dreams

The sun is shining, your bikini is super cute and makes your butt look just big enough, and there’s a lifeguard smiling at you from his stand.

Reality: Unexpected snowstorms, an abundance of junk food and too much Netflix

You’re stuck in the house with your siblings because it’s snowing even though it’s the middle of March. You spend the week in your pajamas, eating all of the wrong kinds of foods while you jealously stalk the lucky girls on Instagram who get to go somewhere warm for their break.

Expectation: Stay-cation with friends!

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to jet off to a tropical paradise, you still look forward to hanging out with your friends and going on outdoorsy adventures with them.

Reality: Homework, homework, homework!

Who has time to go on adventures when you’ve got two books to read and three papers to write?

Expectation: Bronze Goddess

It’s time to get your tan on! Spring break is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your summer glow.

Reality: Ice Queen or Burnt Tomato

The golden hue you want is out of sight. The weather is never your friend; you’re either left pale as a ghost or burnt to a crisp.

Expectation: Eating Healthy & Working Out

Now is your chance to start that New Year’s resolution that you’ve been putting off for months! Put down that bag of chips and pull out your cutest gym clothes, because you’re going all in!

Reality: Sleeping the day away

Instead of getting a jump on your day, you sleep in until the afternoon, skipping the gym entirely. You tell yourself you’ll go tomorrow whilst you down another carton of ice cream.

But hey, who’s to say that staying in isn’t all the rage? At least you get to lay in bed all day and snuggle with your furry friend!

Deanna is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Psychology at Cabrini College. She is an active member of Cabrini’s Dance Team, a lover of dessert, and a huge fan of the TV show, Survivor.
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