Make Galentine’s Day Your New Favorite Holiday

This time of year, a girl can’t go shopping for Diet Coke to fuel her caffeine addiction without being inundated by aisles of huge plush teddy bears, scarlet red roses and endless assortments of chocolates in heart-shaped boxes.

While everything is a lovely pink and fiery red, girls may be feeling a little blue  or resentful.

If you’re not in a relationship, come Feb. 14, you’re well aware of this and don’t need another jewelry commercial or picture of couples kissing on Instagram to remind you.

If you’re in a relationship, you feel pressure to spend money and create a chick-flick worthy day and night.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun and including. It’s about sparkly hearts, warmth, love, chocolate and hot pink. Everyone should be involved! That’s why you should live it up with your girls and have a Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13.

Whether you have a boyfriend or not, you should spend a day this Valentine’s weekend with your girls. They are there for you through every Tinder date, relationship, breakup, makeup, that awkward defining-the-relationship stage, etc. You should always make time for your friends, just "ladies celebrating ladies"!

Your boyfriend will thank you. No, he doesn’t want to sit through watching “The Bachelor” or “Sex in The City.” Trust me.

Everyone knows half the fun of going out is getting ready. Get everyone together and blast your favorite Spotify playlist while doing your makeup. Wear that dress that makes you feel amazing and go out! You can go for dinner, movies, drinks, even shopping.

If you feel more like staying in, order food and make sure to have wine, chocolate and your favorite chick flicks.

Remember in elementary school when you gave out candy and Valentine’s Day cards? Why not get little gifts for your friends? You can decorate with hearts and buy some red roses if you want them to decorate the dorm/apartment. Whatever you do, have a great Galentine’s Day and night out!