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Life of Cabrini Freshmen: As a Wallflower vs. Social Butterfly

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cabrini chapter.

Whether in the workplace or on campus, being a ‘freshie’ or ‘newbie’ is never fun. Like many girls, before coming to college I was not sure what to really expect because there were so many different perspectives on Cabrini.  

What are these perspectives you may ask? Well, I have gathered a few possible responses for how a college freshman “wallflower” or “social butterfly” may react to them. (You’ll thank me later):

Q: After moving all of your things into your dorm, you hear of an upperclassman party at the ‘Conshy’ lacrosse house. After decoding that the boys meant ‘Conshy’ as in Conshohocken, the question remains…do you go?

Wallflower: You’re joking right? The newest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ is on and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m not going to be late to watch it. PLUS, Insomnia Cookies is already on its way.

Social Butterfly: Heck yeah…Hey do you have a free ride for Uber?

Q: You’re starving, but it is 12:30 in the afternoon and you KNOW that Cav’s Corner is going to be filled with everyone and their mother. What do you do?

Wallflower: A stir-fry and soup is not worth trying to make my way through a sea of students. I will just tell my friends to meet me at Jazzman’s.

Social Butterfly: I know it’s going to be extremely busy, but Kenny will hook me up with a chicken caesar wrap.

Q: Every person that you meet seems to be a member of some sort of sports team… What do you do?

Wallflower: After googling ‘How to obtain hand-eye coordination over night’ and realizing the website you found is probably not real…you decide to give up on your short-lived dream of becoming the next Lebron James.

Social Butterfly: Imagine the amount of parties I will get invited to. Just the thought alone is enough to make me try out. Come on, how hard could it be?

Q: One of the upperclassmen guys asks you if you are coming to ‘the hill’ to watch the home soccer game…What do you do?

Wallflower: I am sure that this ‘hill’ is great and all, but you are making it sound like Pride Rock…

Social Butterfly: Of course! What time are we pre-gaming before or should I bring my water bottle?

Q: It is 11:30 p.m. on ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and someone knocks on your dorm door…What do you do?

Wallflower: I am more than satisfied drinking Four Loko’s in my dorm with a couple of my friends. No, I do not need to go to whatever party it is the person knocking is going to tell me about.

Social Butterfly: You jump out of your bed and immediately go to the mirror to fix your hair and wipe off the eyeliner that has slipped under that ONE eye. Whoever is knocking, you know you are going to invite them to come inside and you HAVE to look good.

If you are anything like myself, you will realize after reading this that you are a mix of these two opposites, dependent upon the day. One thing is for sure, almost every college freshman agrees that Netflix in your bed after a long week is a must.

Erica is a senior at Cabrini College, majoring in communication with a minor in Spanish and is a Campus Correspondent of Her Campus' Cabrini chapter. She loves writing and hopes to make a career of it one day. Despite being a commuter, you can most often find her in her second home: the newsroom. In her free time, you can find her catching up on the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or "The Bachelor," writing about trending and entertainment topics, as well as obsessing over the latest news from Imagine Dragons.