Campus Cutie Mr. & Miss Cabrini Edition: Mary Kate Moran '17

Name: Mary Kate Moran

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education Prek-4, Special Ed Prek-8

Hometown: Spring City, Pa

Activities: Campus Music Ministry, Vice President PSEA, Cavalier Dance Company, Cabrini College Chorus, Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Rho (Education Honors Society), Delta Epsilon Sigma (National Scholastic Honors Society), Alumni Association Scholar

Relationship status: Single

Who nominated you? Campus Ministry


Place on campus: Behind the mansion, between the two big trees

Color: Fuchsia

Animal: Bunny

Movie: Singing in the Rain

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Thoughtful, caring and fun

What would you say has been your proudest moment so far as a Cabrini student?

I would have to say getting hired at the Writing Center, because it was the first time I was hired for my skills that I learned in school.

How did it feel being nominated for Miss Cabrini?

Well it was really exciting because I love Cabrini and I can show my school spirit.

How would you describe your ideal date?

Oh, I have to say this for my friends: “April 25 because it’s not too hot or too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” But really it wouldn’t matter where we went, as long as we could talk and get to know each other better.

What is something that somebody doesn’t know about you?

I think not a lot of people know I like watching sporting events. I love going to Cabrini games and seeing people I know on the field. I’m not coordinated enough to play them, but I like to cheer them on!

What is one thing you hope to accomplish before graduating?

I hope to be ready for the real world and make lasting friendships that will remind me of happy memories when I leave Cabrini.

What do you hope to be doing after graduation?

I would love to be teaching kindergarten and maybe write a few children’s books.